Don’t Let the Past Take Too Much Away From Today

Don’t Let the Past Take Too Much Away From Today

Last update: 28 July, 2022

There is a saying that there are two types of people in this life: those who put their books in order from the largest to the smallest and those who don’t, those who need 10 alarms to wake up or those who are wide awake with one. Furthermore, why not, those who are constantly looking back on their past and those who hold onto the saying “carpe diem.”

The virtue, however, is probably, as Aristotle said, found in the middle. The story of your past deserves you not forgetting it, no matter how bad you believe it was. And today needs to be taken advantage of, by acting sensibly, trusting in what you can build up for tomorrow.

Do not let the past chain you down

If you are the kind of person who spends too much time worrying about the past rather than the here and now, start looking for a way to free yourself. When the past has totally overwhelmed us, it is very complicated to recover from the blows and look forward with courage.

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Each of us has a different past whose magnitude can only be judged by us. Maybe you have already noticed how the worst time of your life is, for another person, easy to overcome, and vice-versa. We have all seen ourselves chained down at some point, paralyzed by situations that we believed were more difficult than we could handle and yet we were able to deal with them, and you can, too.

The past is very useful, but only for what if can teach us about the present. The present is the rich thing .”

-Elizabeth Kostova-

Other times, negative events do not push us back, but quite the opposite. We have experienced such good moments that it is hard for us to think that there can be something better. However, you are the only person capable of taking the reins of your life and creating moments that can make you happy in the present.

The present is a new opportunity

The present is your great opportunity. So, the present turns into a chance to give your past the place it deserves and open yourself up to new experiences.

The present is an ideal occasion to meet new people who will enrich you as a person and give you the energy and life that you desire. It is a matter of no longer looking where you once felt comfortable and instead taking advantage of a new chapter that helps you to put an end to previous ones that hurt you.

“If we are not responsible for the past,

we also will not have the right to call ourselves the legitimate owners of the future.”

-Fernando Savater-

Time heals all wounds from the past, it pushes you to forgive what you think you could never forgive, it obligates you to face yourself with the mourning of a loss, it shows you the value of the fleeting moments of happiness, and above all else, time ultimately teaches us to look to today and tomorrow.

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It is not necessary to lose the past when changing things

When we refer to “leaving behind” your past, we do not want you to interpret this as forgetting it: it is good to remember that you have a past because that is your story and you must not lose it. We just want to tell you that as such, you can go back to it only when it will add something to your present.

The past is what you remember, imagine you remember, convince yourself you remember,

or pretend you remember .”

-Harold Pinter-

It is important for the past not to take to much from today because everything has its time and its place. You must never forget the teachings that you have taken from your previous steps, but don’t stop walking.

The present has an inestimable worth because it is always an unshaped stage that belongs to you completely. To avoid feeling like today is null and void, let it build itself up along with you. Be who you really want to be and accept what you once were and no longer are. 

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