What I Was Doesn't Matter. What Matters Is What We Can Become Together

What I Was Doesn't Matter. What Matters Is What We Can Become Together

Last update: 28 July, 2022

Who cares who I once was, if you have gotten to know me now, as I am? Why do the mistakes I made in the past matter, if I deconstructed myself in order to rebuild myself back up. And now this is what you have come to know, and I haven’t asked you to value or applaud it, just to enjoy it with me. What I was doesn’t matter, only what we can one day become together.

We surely both have the feeling of having wasted all of those kisses, hugs and time it took to find each other. They have been diluted in time and suspended in the air, covering us with wisdom and perspective. But they no longer live within us. They have left in order to maybe help other people along their emotional growth and development. Now we continue growing, moving forward, making mistakes…but differently, with other stories.

We leave one story in order to make another

Each one of us on our paths, without slowing down or picking up our pace. Yet, along the way we know that if we stumble, we won’t fall down any cliff. Not without the other person at least trying to avoid it. If we don’t think and act this way, what good would it do to be together?

Because no one has saved the other, nor will they. But the shared love and passion we feel gives us strength so that the end of each day will be a kind of salvation, a heroic bet made together. I don’t know if I believe in romantic love. The one I have been told about is the one that has harmed me. Now I only believe in the kind that makes me feel better.

I could explain a lot of things I have done or who I once used to be, but if I ever needed to, I wouldn’t. There’s no need for explanations when there are reasons to be together, reasons that matter. The kind of reasons that fill your eyes with expectations and wrap your every thought  towards that person in mystery.

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