Destiny Is the Wisdom of Knowing How to Choose

Destiny Is the Wisdom of Knowing How to Choose

Last update: 25 November, 2016

Do you believe in destiny? Do you think there is a predetermined path for each of us? Sometimes we think that our life is already conditioned and that there is nothing we can do to change it. Nothing could be further from the truth. Destiny is not something in which everything is already decided; you have the final word!

“Any life, however long and complicated it may be, actually consists of a single moment — the moment when a man knows forever more who he is.”

-Jorge Luis Borges-

I am responsible for the life that I have chosen

As human beings, sometimes it is hard for us to take responsibility for something that we do not like and that we reject. We blame destiny for our own life. But did someone choose that life for you? Is it really destiny’s fault? No, the life that you are living is yours. You chose it freely.

No one has a predetermined life that they have to live. Even circumstances that make you extremely unhappy can be changed! The problem is that we blind ourselves by seeing the negative side of every situation, all while wanting to quit something that we have no dedication to.

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Imagine that you are not happy with the situation you are living in right now in your life. What is stopping you from changing? Are there limits that really exist or are you imposing them upon yourself? Are you really making an effort to solve that situation or are you just going with the flow?

“Who can change his thoughts can change his destiny”

-Stephen Crane-

All the limitations we can see exist much more in our minds than in reality. That is to say, we limit ourselves because we do not want to make an effort to break down those limits. Because yes, you can break them down. There is no limitation that can resist you if you choose otherwise. Your mind is powerful. If you want to achieve something, you will achieve it.

Take the risk of living

“Living” is a word that we say lightly, because we are all capable of living. But is it easy? The truth is that no, it isn’t, and that becomes clear when we do not take the risk that living implies. Why do we call it a risk? Because it is difficult, because life is not just a straight path; it has constant ups and downs.

When you take your own risk of living, you will know that you choose the life that you want and that there is no destiny that forces you to keep living a life that you do not want. This is a very comfortable way of seeing problems: “I have no responsibility for change and I just have to get used to this.”

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It does not matter if you are young, mature, or already a senior citizen. At every stage of your life, you will find problems, pains, anguish, loss… In the face of all this, you will be able to overcome it, because you have the strength and ability necessary for it. But do not blame destiny. Living has some consequences and these are just some of them.

“Destiny may bring you to a fork in the road, but you are the one who decides the direction of your life”

It is also important to task risks concerning life to change that situation you don’t like. Stepping outside your comfort zone and deciding to change everything about your current life is hard! And it is a risk because you do not know if it will turn out to be good or bad. Aren’t you ready to prove it?

Destiny is made up of your choices

Do you remember how many times you have said you want to go back to change something? That past that maybe does not include actions you are very proud of. Yes, you could go back, but if you had acted in another way or chosen other options, your destiny would have changed.

Our destiny is not marked out; we are creating it little by little. At every stage of our life, we have to choose, and with each choice, we open a way for ourselves along a new path. It is important for us to choose wisely, though it is also important to make mistakes and know how to choose another option.

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If we were given the option to go back in time and change some of our actions, even the smallest change would mean an absolute change in the present situation of our lives. Then we would be aware of how important our choices are and that our destiny changes with respect to them.

“Destiny is not what is going to happen to you; it is what you want to happen to you”

Now that you know that destiny depends on your choices, take the risk of choosing and making mistakes, have the courage to stand up to your life if you do not agree with it, and never let yourself think that you cannot do anything, because you have the last word.

Will you change your destiny?

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