Do Coincidences Really Exist?

Do Coincidences Really Exist?

Last update: 28 July, 2022

When we think that there are no opportunities available to us, the truth is not that we don’t have any, in most cases the truth is that we can’t see them. And this means we’re not fully awake.

And this is due to one simple reason, our brain perceives reality in a very selective way. Our perception of everything around us is not entirely true to reality. We only perceive a part of what is happening in our surroundings, since our attention selects what we receive.

“When the disciple is ready, the master appears.”

This is a great truth. When we’re prepared and put our full attention and energy into something, that’s when we realize that there are opportunities out there for us.

And if it’s not the right time and we’re still not prepared, we will simply not see these opportunities pass us by. And not because they don’t exist, simply because we are not in the right point in our lives to receive them. We wouldn’t know how to take advantage of them. Therefore, they are not true opportunities in this existential moment.

“Emotions also have influence over you.”

Our selective attention and perception of reality also go hand in hand with the emotional state we currently find ourselves in.

If we’re happy, satisfied with life, proud, content and grateful for the life we have, the things that happen to us every day are opportunities that we already know how to take advantage of in order to continue moving forward in life’s journey.

On the other hand, if we find ourselves in a moment filled with sadness, discouragement, sorrow, and overall boredom, it’s likely that we wont see anything that happens to us as an opportunity, but rather as a nuisance, or as bad luck.

“Coincidences don’t exist, but causalities do.”

In most cases, things don’t happen out of pure coincidence. They happen because we have done something to make them happen. And these things happen “caused” by our effort, learning process and our search. Or in many cases, due to the complete opposite.

Just as good luck is not based on coincidences, it is due to the causalities of what we have done to make this good luck appear in our lives.

“We deserve it.”

We could say that “I deserve it” when an opportunity crosses our path, and we take advantage of it. Because, in order to see this opportunity, without a doubt we have had to get to this point in order to find it. And that took effort and dedication.

And when other things happen that we don’t deserve, if we are positive about the processes and teachings of life, we could say that “we needed it” in order to keep learning. Thus, it is still an opportunity to grow and become a stronger person.

“Hit the road, prepare yourself, open your eyes.”

Everything we deserve or need will present itself before us. Let’s not waste these opportunities. Let’s not let them pass us by. Because if they are before us, it means life is offering them to us because we’re prepared for them. We shouldn’t be afraid. We should be brave and grateful for the opportunities presented to us every day. Since this means we are alert and awake enough to keep moving forward.

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