Brother Bear, an example of personal growth

Brother Bear, an example of personal growth

Last update: 31 July, 2018

Personal growth occurs constantly throughout life, sometimes without us even knowing it. Personal growth is a progressive process and all of our life experiences put together create our personal growth path. However, our progression isn’t always linear. Advances are often accompanied by setbacks.

In addition, the passage between childhood and adulthood is a process full of challenges. It causes us to shift our paradigms and makes us assume new responsibilities. The movie Brother Bear illustrates this process. Let’s dive deeper into the topic.

Brother Bear, the story of a man

Brother Bear was an animated movie released in 2003. It tells the story of young Kenai, who’s about to become an adult. During his entry ceremony into adult life Kenai hopes to receive a wooden totem. This totem, blessed by the great spirits, will give Kenai the key to happily living the rest of his life.

Brother Bear

However, Kenai suffers a great disappointment when his totem’s secret is revealed. The Great Spirits carved a bear into the totem, which represents love. Kenai expected to receive a totem of courage, following in the footsteps of his brothers. Kenai’s brother, Sitka’s, totem represents the guide while his other brother, Denahi, represents wisdom.

Angry and frustrated, Kenai starts to pursue a bear that has just eaten the village’s fish. Sitka and Denahi follow him, but an accident happens and Sitka dies. Kenai wants revenge, so he chases and kills the bear. However, Sitka’s spirit intervenes. The Great Spirits’ magic turns Kenai into a bear.

Kenai, now a bear, finds himself alone and disoriented in the first. There he meets a little bear cub, Koda, who lost his mother. Kenai and Koda must embark on a trip together. Their destination is a mountain in which the Great Spirits touch the Earth. Only there can the Great Spirits break the spell so that Kenai can return back to human form.

During this trip, Kenai begins to understand the true meaning of family. In addition, he starts to assume adult responsibilities, such as taking care of the young. Kenai also strengthens his relationship with Denahi. At the end of the film, Kenai decides to remain a bear. He decides that between his two brothers, Denahi and the little Koda, it’s Koda who needs him the most. 

“Love is very powerful. This is the story of a boy who became a man…by becoming a bear.”

-Denahi, Brother Bear

The journey of personal growth in Brother Bear

Various films show character’s personal growth as they face a long journey filled with adventuresBrother Bear is one of these movies. In everyday life these trips rarely happen. However, personal growth in our own lives can easily be compared to one of these voyages. 

Personal growth is a long-term project with no actual finish line. The project of personal growth is composed of a series of goals and objectives. Some of these goals are established at the beginning of the trip while others arise during the journey. Personal goals also vary according to our abilities and interests.

We can compare life to a long and exciting journey. As time goes by and we advance on our paths, we begin to see new possibilities. These possibilities, in turn, can alter our path. Sometimes we experience moments of sadness, and other times we go through moments of great happiness and satisfaction.

Brother Bear

Start your journey

Our path widens as people come into our lives and we accumulate different life experiences. Many young people think that being an adult is a static phase with fixed characteristics. Although being an adult involves certain responsibilities, these aren’t the only things that define adulthood. Adulthood is a state of constant learning.

The adult’s inner growth is focused on improving their quality of life. As we grow we realize that our actions involve certain reactions from our environment. It’s about identifying the stimuli that gives us the results we’re looking for in order to be satisfied.

In part, being an adult implies understanding that each person has their own process and their own challenges. The most important thing is to analyze our own actions to identify our motivations. If we act accordingly with what motivates us, we can establish goals that are in line with our values.

The importance of a support network

A support network is a group of people with whom we maintain a relationship over time. This relationship is based on complicity and trust. The group of people is emotionally significant to use and is willing to support us. A support network provides help in difficult times so that we feel a little less pain.

brother bear

Family and friends can comprise a support network. The members of our support network have our absolute confidence In an effective interpersonal relationship, we’re part of each person in our group’s support network. Therefore, collaboration is reciprocal and bidirectional.

To establish functional support networks, communication is the most important part. Communication allows us to understand the behavior and motivations of other people. In this way, a support network must be based on communication and trust. Communication allows the support network to adapt to the personal growth of each of its members as our goals and abilities change.

Growth occurs progressively, not as a sudden act. Therefore, the passage from childhood to adulthood is a gradual process. During this process, family and friends act as pillars on which the individual can rely if needed. We have to remember that each young person must go through a period of self-knowledge and reflection.

“Whatever you decide isn’t important. You’ll always be my little brother.”

-Denahi, Brother Bear

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