With the Birth of Your Child Comes a Treasure

With the Birth of Your Child Comes a Treasure

Last update: 10 March, 2016

With the birth of your child comes a treasure because you finally have before you the fruit of the great love that a human being feels for life.

The arrival of a child

The arrival of a child should always be the fruit of love. When two people love each other with all their soul, they decide to bring the world the fruit of that union. This is crystallized in the birth of the child who symbolizes all that is beautiful in the relationship.

But we do not want for there to be confusion by suggesting that love of the couple means having to bring a child into the world.

If you want human life with all your strength, wish with your soul to record your path through this world, and adore the world of children and their oddities and wonders, then when a little one appears in your life it will be one of the greatest joys. 

A child must always be wanted. Childbirth is a natural act that perpetuates the species. But it is not purely evolutionary.

Human beings love to give meaning to everything, we have the power to make the arrival of a child symbolize all that is good and beautiful in us.

a child must always be wanted

Your child is born

When your child is born, make sure to love them every day of your life as if it were the last. He appears in the world with the innocence of knowing nothing. We are their parents, guardians and protectors. We have to shield their awareness of everything bad and negative around us.

Our mission, beyond loving these little ones with veneration, is influencing them by passion so they want to learn and discover. A child has a true skill of making things easier, incredible and new.

For your child, everything we learn, however simple and straightforward as it may seem, is a real discovery. Think of a pirate who finally finds the treasure he’s always longed for. For them, everything is magical, mysterious and surprising. There is a world to see and to learn.

Separate from negativity

However, it is very important to set aside all that is negative and can affect their learning. There will always be time to discover pettiness and human misery. Let our treasures, during the first years of life, feel our love, our affection and our ability to show how beautiful the world is.

A child is a legacy. Our way of being, education, genes and attitudes toward life end up being reflected in the customs of our little one. Do we really want them to inherit misery, meanness and unhappiness?

A child who begins to discover their world and their environment is happy. They vibrate with everything they touch, however simple it may be. Obviously, we cannot stop time for it to always be that way. But we do have the ability to create a world among everyone that allows them to live in an environment of peace, love, kindness and respect.

a child is a legacy

The world of children

We live in a world that can sometimes be painful and hard. But they should not have to pay for our mistakes.

We must mirror back their innocence and passion for life every day. They are our fruit, our treasure. Our mission is to prevent them from growing up in an unhappy, excessively competitive and morbid atmosphere.

If we look closely at the happy innocence of children, we adults have much to learn from them than vice versa. They walk around each day with a smile. They are passionate about the flight of a butterfly and marvel at the taste of chocolate ice cream. Don’t you miss the beauty of the simplest things?

Our treasures should be protected and loved more than anything in the world. They are the most beautiful thing a human is able to create. Life and innocence that love us unconditionally each passing day. And our mission is to return that love with all our strength.

Never forget. With the birth of your child comes a treasure. There isn’t much else in life that is more beautiful and important. Enjoy them and take care of them because they are wonderful.

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