Awaken the Abundance Within You

Awaken the Abundance Within You

Last update: 10 April, 2017

It is not a modern illness. That indefinable sensation that we are missing something and that we are walking on the edge of an abyss where some type of deficiency can always be found. This is the eternal existential crisis of the human being. Now, it is essential to control and rationalize these types of thoughts. Otherwise, this shortage will grow like a weed, like vines that end up covering the windows of a house.

“Abundance is my natural state, and I accept it.”

We also know that it is not precisely easy to manage this sensation. It is not because the current and patent social inequality makes the word “shortage” more palpable than ever. The lack of a job, lack of income or an uncertain future makes the concept of abundance ironic to us. However, understanding this term and applying it to our reality from a motivational point of view can help us face our daily life in a wiser way.

Abundance it is not a synonym of money, the accumulation of goods or even power. Abundance is believing ourselves to be whole, without shortages, without voids or with a heart gnawed by the wind, giving us the eternal sensation of being hollow inside.

Let’s develop a state of mind capable of embracing the positive, the present and the tangible. Not oriented towards what is not present, what does not exist or what is lacking. Only when we can be grateful for what we are, what defines and surrounds us, will we be able to open the gates for prosperity.

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