Awaken the Abundance Within You

10 April, 2017
Many of us maintain a type of mentality focused on our deficits: we get obsessed with everything we lack instead of being aware of everything we already have. Being grateful, appreciating what we are and what surrounds us, is without a doubt the best way to get close to authentic abundance.

It is not a modern illness. That indefinable sensation that we are missing something and that we are walking on the edge of an abyss where some type of deficiency can always be found. This is the eternal existential crisis of the human being. Now, it is essential to control and rationalize these types of thoughts. Otherwise, this shortage will grow like a weed, like vines that end up covering the windows of a house.

“Abundance is my natural state, and I accept it.”

We also know that it is not precisely easy to manage this sensation. It is not because the current and patent social inequality makes the word “shortage” more palpable than ever. The lack of a job, lack of income or an uncertain future makes the concept of abundance ironic to us. However, understanding this term and applying it to our reality from a motivational point of view can help us face our daily life in a wiser way.

woman with butterflies

Natural abundance and artificial abundance

There is a very interesting book titled “Sapiens, a brief history of humankind”, from historian Yuval Harari. In this book, he makes a bit of a provocative analysis about the history of the evolution and the success of the Homo sapiens. Somehow, the reader ends up sensing that the cruelty of our species seems to have imposed itself over ethics in many scenarios.

One of the aspects Doctor Harari points out is that we have gotten used to living in something we could define as “artificial abundance”.  As an example, we have over-exploited the natural world to the point of forcing it to offer us much more than the balance than the Earth itself and the ecosystems can allow us. Likewise, our modernity is oriented towards that materialism where “accumulation” or “obtaining things” define an individual’s status. The lack of them, however, produces discomfort and unhappiness.


We have distorted the authentic and original concept of the term abundance. In the natural world, abundance is, above all, balance and respect. It is appreciating what is already present, what surrounds us without the need to disturb that harmony. So that it may offer us more than what is within its own possibilities.

Something that without a doubt the modern Homo sapiens cannot understand, because just like Benjamin Franklin once said, we have reached a point where we think time is money. When in reality, time is nothing more than a gift we forget to exploit as it deserves to be exploited.

How to live in abundance

Abundance it is not a synonym of money, the accumulation of goods or even power. Abundance is believing ourselves to be whole, without shortages, without voids or with a heart gnawed by the wind, giving us the eternal sensation of being hollow inside.

“The first seed to abundance is gratefulness.”

As ironic as it might seem, times of difficulty are when it’s more necessary than ever to feel this interior abundance. Only this way will we dispose an authentic psychological strength in order to confront adversity. Also, in order to intuit opportunities and be more receptive towards everything that surrounds us.

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The keys to construct an authentic inner abundance

Many of us are very used to what is known as “motivation by deficiency.” “My cellphone is still in a good shape, but now the latest generation of this brand has been released and everybody has it. It is clear I cannot be without it.”

Many are the things we lack. It might be that you don’t have a house with great comforts. It is possible your body is not in ideal shape or that your significant other has his or her flaws. There is even the possibility that you have not had the chance to go on vacation to that perfect destination, while your friends went there last summer. Living in the economy of shortage and deficiency is like a virus. It is like an unstoppable disease that little by little spreads like a humidity stain on a wall. It is always there, with its disgusting appearance.

Let’s get away from the place that gives us this mental approach. Focusing our existence exclusively towards the material sphere is exhausting. We will never be satisfied. Change the focus of your mental gaze. Orient it towards what you already have in order to perceive where your real strengths, your true beauty and your abundance are concentrated.

Let’s develop a state of mind capable of embracing the positive, the present and the tangible. Not oriented towards what is not present, what does not exist or what is lacking. Only when we can be grateful for what we are, what defines and surrounds us, will we be able to open the gates for prosperity.