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I Looked at My Inner Demons in the Eye

I looked at my inner demons in the eye and discovered what fear was. That paralyzing fear that comes from within and takes control so fiercely that gasping for air seems impossible. That state that makes you feel like your…

The Power is in Your Values

The best example of this is undoubtedly Gandhi. He was able to defeat an empire with his convictions and renouncing any type of violence. However, there are many everyday heroes with the same message: the power is in your values.

Distrust in a Romantic Relationship

Distrust in a romantic relationship is like cancer. It often starts unnoticeably, but soon spreads and metastasizes. It’s one of the main factors that, if left unchecked, can deteriorate the bond between two individuals and even destroy it.

Anakin Skywalker’s Psychology

With the premiere of the new Star Wars trilogy, it seems that the passion for the saga has awoken again. However, despite the new movies’ positive reviews and box-office successes, there is something missing from the two original trilogies. That…

How to Become Better at Arguing

We have grown up in a culture of constant arguing, where we’re often grumpy about everything and don’t accept a difference of opinions. We argue about something almost every day, and we often do it more than once. First thing…

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