I Looked at My Inner Demons in the Eye

I Looked at My Inner Demons in the Eye

Last update: 19 September, 2018

I looked at my inner demons in the eye and discovered what fear was. That paralyzing fear that comes from within and takes control so fiercely that gasping for air seems impossible. That state that makes you feel like your feet are stuck to the ground and you can’t walk.

Remember that you’re the most vulnerable when you become aware of what you’re really afraid of. However, inside this vulnerability, you can also find your strength because you discover what you really want.

That’s why I looked at my inner demons in the eye, to face my fears head-on. The goal was to stop all of them, my fear of failure, of being alone, of uncertainty, and of rejection, from guiding my steps. Instead, the point was to turn them into pillars upon which to build a strong foundation for the present and future.

I have never met anyone who’s completely sure of everything they do. Instead, I have met all kinds of people who just pretend to be. I have always envied these people the most because they’re the ones who succeed.

An eye.

I looked at my inner demons in the eye and got to know myself

We’re used to running away and pretending to be strong. We’re also used to thinking that camouflaging reality behind a smile eliminates the monsters that torment us in our daily lives. But, by behaving this way, by trying to run away from our fears instead of facing them, we actually end up making them stronger. If we keep doing this, our fears won’t let you move on. In the dark, our demons grow and control our lives.

I know I’m not perfect and I can’t do everything right. But I still try to be perfect. Maybe I’m the one who makes my demons come out for not knowing the difference between being human and being perfect.

When I looked at my demons in the eye, I finally got to know myself and realized my doubts. This is how I discovered that all of us have the same demons. Also, I discovered that the fear of uncertainty, of not being in control of everything, is the biggest fear of all. After that, I decided to stop feeding my insecurities with every scenario of what could go wrong or make me fail. Instead, I decided to resurrect from the ashes and fly, believing that I was able of doing something good, enjoyable, and desirable.

A girl with a phoenix.

I looked at my inner demons in the eye and resurrected from the ashes

That is how I was able to look at my inner demons in the eye and resurrect from the ashes. From then on, I was the one who controlled everything I felt. I finally accepted I couldn’t control what happened around me. I learned that life is a succession of uncontrollable and unpredictable events.

Fear is often nothing more than the interpretation you make of what you’re experiencing and can’t control. After learning this, you’ll come alive. You’ll start living what life has in store for you and enjoying everything. You’ll do this without letting past negative experiences feed your inner demons.

Now I know that I don’t have to be perfect and live a fairy tale life. I also know that I shouldn’t give up or let myself get carried away by my fears or shortcomings. In conclusion, I learned that I can be happy even though I’m not perfect.

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