Achieving Success with Creative Visualization

Achieving Success with Creative Visualization

Last update: 28 July, 2022

Creative visualization can be defined as a technique where the imagination is used to help achieve desired dreams or goals. It is a way of attracting success and improving life through the abilities of the mind, being able to change the circumstances that surround a person and making the aforementioned events a reality.

It is a natural way to use the power of thoughts, which are capable of attracting what you think and turning the imagination into reality. It is a way of shaping your ideal world.

Overcoming limiting thoughts

Through creative visualization, you can achieve great things, but this does not work the same for everyone because each person has certain areas that they find difficult to change. They have certain limits due to their thoughts and beliefs, and their life is limited to what they know.

For this reason, it is very important to open your mind, because the more open your mind is, the greater the opportunities you will have. You have to go beyond your limitations. Surely it will take a while for things to start changing, but it is worth the effort you invest because you will see good results. You just have to open your mind and have positive thoughts.

Most people think and repeat the same thoughts over and over again, which is why they create and recreate the same kinds of situations over and over again. The good thing is that these thoughts can be changed by visualizing different situations in order to create a different reality.

Steps to realize creative visualization

When you want to use creative visualization in order to reach a goal, you have to follow certain steps:

  • Have a clear goal that you really want to achieve.
  • Be sure to use your thoughts for your good and for the good of others. Never try to use them to harm someone. Everything that you are creating has to be good for those involved and not harm those around you.
  • Put yourself in a calm place where you do not get distracted. Relax and breathe deeply a few times.
  • Visualize a clear and detailed image of what you want to attain, using all of your senses, adding desire, and imagining the feelings that it will produce in you.
  • You have to visualize it at least twice a day, around ten minutes each time, and work towards it each day with perseverance.
  • You must always keep an open mind in order to recognize opportunities when they present themselves. Creative visualization will open doors for you, but things do not happen by themselves. You have to act and take measures to make the most of that situation.
  • Always keep a positive attitude, with positive thoughts and words. If doubts or negative thoughts come up, replace them with positive thoughts.
  • When you finish the visualization, repeat, for example, May everything that happens be in a satisfactory way and with harmony for all of those involved.

Image courtesy of Jose Antonio Cotallo Lopez

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