7 Things That Happen When You're An Older Sibling

7 Things That Happen When You're An Older Sibling

Last update: 07 May, 2016

Having younger siblings is something that only older brothers and sisters can understand. It is one of the best relationships that we can experience within our family.

Why? Because being a big brother or sister means being the role model. Being the older sibling means taking an adult’s side which they sometimes take seriously and other times they don’t, but it is always from the heart and that does not change for anything. For all older brothers and sisters, today I bring you the 7 things that happen when you’re an older sibling.

“A brother is a friend given by nature.”

-Jean Baptiste Legouve-


older brother hugging little brother sunset

When you are the older sibling…

1. You become the best adviser

After many arguments and misunderstandings, your sibling has finally realized that the only thing you want is the best for them. Be the best version of yourself for him/her at all times and help them.

Parents will probably never understand them as well as you, their older brother or sister, can. And so you become their best counselor.

This gives you the freedom to be honest, tell it like it is and be tough for his or her own good. You’re just looking out for their well-being and want them to avoid tough times.

2. You are expected to set a good example

Parents want you to show continuous responsibility. It is true that your younger sibling will have you as a reference, which implies a precious responsibility with the person you love.

3. You have the most intense fights that exist

It’s normal that when boundaries and personal space are set in our family, we may have an argument with our little brother or sister.

We may dramatize a lot and say things with strong connotations, but when it finished in 5 minutes no one apologizes. Each sibling assumes that love already exists between the two and the words would just be extra.

4. There is absolute honesty and sincerity

You may feel you’re great and I’m sure you are. But your younger sibling is not afraid and has no qualms at all about having to knock you off your pedestal if needed.

Looking at it this way, it’s good to have someone in your life who will always tell it like it is and who will truly be humble with you.

“Never qualify a companion to be the same as a brother.”


young sisters laying on the grass enjoying

5. Family reunions are much better with your sibling

When your sibling starts to become a mature adult, that is when you really enjoy your time together. They can finally understand problems, discussions, jokes and extraordinary situations in your family.

That’s when you sit around at family gatherings to laugh and tease adults, lightening the day.

Also, you don’t feel as much pressure when you are in their company, which makes you feel like best friends.

6. You continuously feel like you have gone through the same stage or experience.

It’s true that each of us is a unique individual, but the reality is that we’ve all passed and lived similar life experiences.

Which is why with your younger sibling, you can understand every major change they experience. And you think “I also went through all that, don’t worry”.

7. You realize that your younger sibling is no longer a child and is now an adult

And the day will come when you look at your brother or sister, their relationships, work, dreams, and say to yourself “S/he is no longer a child, s/he is a great adult“.

And you contemplate about all the time that has gone by and how people grow, both inwardly and outwardly.

And it feels good to know that you have been part of the growth of an extraordinary human being, your younger sibling.

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