7 Phrases of Encouragement for Tough Times

Life is like a roller coaster, sometimes we are at the peak of joy and success, but when we least think about it we go through low and dark moments.
7 Phrases of Encouragement for Tough Times
Gema Sánchez Cuevas

Reviewed and approved by the psychologist Gema Sánchez Cuevas.

Written by Edith Sánchez

Last update: 07 May, 2024

We all need to read phrases of encouragement every once in a while. No matter how strong you are, certain circumstances can always seem bleak and dark, like there’s no way out. That’s when you need to find words that will restore your faith and hope in life.

Phrases of encouragement are like fuel for the strength you carry inside that sometimes falls dormant. This is quite normal. We’re not machines and cannot react like robots when faced with challenges and adversity. We need time to assimilate the tough moments, relocate, and continue.

“Opposition is a natural part of life. Just as we develop our physical muscles through overcoming opposition – such as lifting weights – we develop our character muscles by overcoming challenges and adversity.”
-Stephen R. Covey-

It’s precisely during these tough moments when phrases of encouragement carry the most weight and meaning. They help you get back on track and recover your faith in your capabilities. Here are 7 of these phrases that you can read when your hope is waning.

1. Phrases of encouragement to remember that nothing is impossible

This is one of the most beautiful encouraging phrases written by Nelson Mandela. “It always seems impossible until it’s done.” This is a simple affirmation that englobes a whole universe of meaning. Especially due to the person who said it.

Nelson Mandela is the perfect example that nothing is impossible. He spent 30 years of his life in a prison cell and then changed the face of his country when he was released. He made something that seemed impossible for many a reality.

A girl running from tough times towards encouragement.

2. Your own strength

We all have an enormous amount of inner strength. However, not everyone in the world is conscious of it, maybe because they haven’t found their own strength. Maybe they don’t let themselves realize they have it or maybe they’re going through tough times that don’t let them see they’re much more capable than they think.

This is what Benjamin Jonson implies in this encouraging phrase: “He knows not his own strength who hath not met adversity.”

3. Be happy all the time

Sometimes we tend to think that happiness is found someplace and that, when we get there, we’ll be allowed to experience it. That place can be a financial success, a wonderful love, or simply a change of circumstances. However, this is the wrong way of looking at things.

Jim Rohn stated the following: “Learn how to be happy with what you have while you pursue all that you want.” It means that the purpose of being happy shouldn’t be postponed. It’s a feeling that comes from inside and it doesn’t depend on your achievements or failures.

4. Affection is priceless

Many times, what renews your hope and desire to succeed is affection from other people. During tough times, affection gains an immense value. It’s equivalent to a soothing balm that allows you to draw fresh air and move forward.

This truth is expressed in the following phrase by Albert Schweitzer: “Sometimes our light goes out, but is blown again into instant flame by an encounter with another human being.” Sometimes a hug or a loving word will bring back light and clarity.

A couple wrapped in fire kissing.

5. Try and try again

One of the oldest phrases of encouragement was written by Confucius.“It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop.” This is a strong statement, which contains an enormous truth. The only lesson to gather from this is to always keep trying.

If you really think about it, nothing that you acquire quickly is truly solid. The most valuable and authentic things in life are built step by step. Sometimes against the circumstances. That’s when you need to keep going and never back down or quit.

6. There’s always something that can be done

Thomas Alva Edison said: “When you have exhausted all possibilities, remember this – you haven’t.” Edison is precisely one of the greatest examples of perseverance. He conducted the same experiment thousands of times until it finally worked.

Edison’s quote is an encouraging phrase that urges you to seek new paths when it seems that there are none. It also invites you to create, to always imagine new possible solutions, no matter how tough things may get.

7. Your thoughts are everything

Thought is one of the most decisive aspects of life. Everything else almost always depends on the contents of your mind. Reality is first constructed in the mind and that’s where it’s concretized.

A silhouette of a woman covered in flowers.

In this regard, James Allen points out: “You are today where your thoughts have brought you; you will be tomorrow where your thoughts take you.” And he’s exactly right. The reality you’ll build depends on what’s in your mind.

All of these phrases of encouragement are powerful weapons when you’re facing difficult circumstances. Their power resides in helping you remember that happiness is possible, that your dreams are attainable, and that it’s worth moving forward.

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