7 Helpful Conversation Topics for Any Situation

7 Helpful Conversation Topics for Any Situation

Last update: 06 April, 2020

Conversation is our main way of getting to know other people and for them to get to know us. Many say that it is an art and they’re right because not everyone knows how to make interesting conversation. And more so in these days, when face-to-face encounters are more scarce and words tend to be extremely synthetic. A good conversation should deal with topics that arouse the interest of both speakers. There is nothing more boring than “talking” with someone whose only intention is to hold forth about a topic, or who is only interested in convincing the other person they they are right about a certain subject. For it to be a true conversation, both people should really have the opportunity to listen and to speak. There are conversation topics that never fail to start off a good conversation. They all revolve around issues that interest most people, and are also topics that almost anyone can join in with. They are small “helps” that facilitate the interaction between people and create an atmosphere which is conducive to trust. Here are 7 of the most helpful conversation topics for any situation.

“A good conversation should exhaust the issue, not the speakers.”

Winston Churchill

1. Helpful conversation topics: childhood

A conversation about childhood is not only entertaining, but also allows you to delve deeply into the life of another person. Childhood is a stage that leaves great impressions in  people’s lives. However difficult or hard it may have been, there are always wonderful and touching stories that we all like to share.

conversation childhood

Ideally, the conversation should focus on the childhood anecdotes. We all have things to tell about our first years in school, our first friends, the games we enjoyed, the people we admired, times we were caught in the act and times we got away with it! There’s no shortage of material!

2. Travel anecdotes

Even if the other person hardly ever leaves his house, there is always some trip he’ll be able to recall. Trips are always a journey into the unknown and that is why they always give many discoveries, surprises and knowledge. Talking about travel is always fun.

This topic has an additional bonus: we can share information that will be useful to others. It is not only about sharing experiences, but we can give and receive information that can be used in future trips. It also allows you to get to know people really well. It gives you clues about what they think about change and trying new things.

3. Movies and books

Movies are another one of those topics of conversation that nobody finds difficult to have an opinion about. To talk about movies you don’t have to be a movie buff. We have all at some point seen a film that has touched us, made us cry with laughter, or shown us some truth to help us in our lives. The cinema is a meeting point and also the starting point of many friendships.

conversation films

It is of course possible to talk about television as well. There have been so many series down the years that have had millions of followers. There are also soap operas, channels or documentaries that have been seen by many people. Every good programme raises points to talk about and argue over and this can give rise to very interesting conversations.

4. Music

Who doesn’t like music? It is an art that has been with us almost since man came into being. We can find it in all cultures and in every period of time. It is clearly a universal language which encompasses every social level, race, religion and ideology. Two people can think very differently in a lot of aspects, but at the same time agree perfectly about musical tastes.

If you want to have a pleasant conversation, you don’t need to delve too much into genres, interpretations and technicalities. Music brings us together when everyone can freely express their tastes and preferences. We can talk about what music awakens in us or tell stories of how music has played an important role in our lives.

5. Pets and animals

Human beings have lived with domestic animals for thousands of years. Some people like parrots, others like fish, and many people loves dogs and cats. They are not just an object for the house, but rather they become part of your life, your family and your affections. Talking about pets will always lead to a happy conversation.

conversation pets

At the same time, we have all heard or read stories about animals. We are intrigued by their behavior and their way of life. We are interested in knowing more about them, often so that we can compare them to ourselves. Very rarely does the subject of animals not lead to a good conversation. Additionally it also gives us an idea of ​​how each one of us relates to different living beings.

6. Food and drinks

Talking about the foods we like and dislike are usually very entertaining topics of conversation. For example, explaining why you like mushrooms fried in butter, and giving good reasons not to eat spinach. It may seem a bit trivial, but in reality it is something that touches the most human and day to day parts of our lives. It is interesting to share experiences about exotic foods that we have tried at some time in our lives. We can also tell other food-related stories, such as when you were offered something strange and you didn’t even know how to go about eating it. Or when you tasted something delicious and then you found out it was something disgusting. When it comes to food and drink, everyone has something to say.

7. Sports and hobbies

There is probably not a single person in the world who doesn’t have a hobby. We all have free time, and in those moments we spend time doing those things we like best. Some people do it more consciously, whereas others don’t. But the truth is that we all like doing some “free” activity or another, whether it be looking after plants, watching television, or looking out the window.

conversation sport

It is also usual for most people to have a favorite sport, whether they play it or are simply a spectator. Since sport is usually competitive, some conversations may become controversial, and so you should be tactful when dealing with this topic.

Finally, all these topics that lead to pleasant conversation are pretexts that allow us to get to know others. And for them to get to know us. It is always worth listening to others. People contribute a lot to your life by the simple act of spending their time sharing with you. It’s always worth talking about your things to others too. No conversation is insignificant, because, in one way or another, it links you to the world and with those who live in it.


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