Begin a Relationship with Real Conversation

Begin a Relationship with Real Conversation

Last update: 06 June, 2016

When we start a relationship we get ahead of ourselves about the other person and ourselves with tons of illusions. These are the early stages and we want to put our best foot forward in every way.

The illusion makes us put more effort into fixing ourselves. We want the other person to like us! We are friendlier and show our softer side… When we fall in love we are filled with happiness and it’s even difficult for us to get angry.

The intricacies of love

The flirtation phase, courtship, falling in love and ultimately choosing our partner stuns us a bit. When we fall in love we are and are not ourselves.

If we like that person, we must hide our flaws, our differences… and we all do it both consciously and unconsciously. We appear before the other person as their “ideal” partner.

But over time when that stage has passed, we’ll often hear things like: “Well, you weren’t like that! You never told me that you didn’t like…! But when we met, you…!”

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So why don’t we switch things up a bit. We can still smile, flirt, and offer our best smile, but we can also pose questions which will affect our relationship in the future

“Choose your partner carefully. 90% of all your happiness or your sadness will depend on this decision;  but after choosing carefully, the work has only just begun.” 

H. Jackson Brown-

A questionnaire with love!

Everything can be part of the conversation, even in love’s early stages. It all depends on the sensitivity and intelligence with which we do it.

We want to know more about that person who attracts us so much and that person also wants to know who we are.

Why can’t we be in the clouds, feel butterflies in our stomach and at the same time show ourselves as we are and point out what we want for our present and our future as a couple?

We leave you a questionnaire (with love!) so that in one way or another you can start “dropping” a few questions that will make things clearer for you about that person who is becoming so special to you and with whom you’d like to have a long-term relationship.


There are people who cannot imagine a relationship that doesn’t result in marriage. For others however, marriage has no meaning and even provokes a certain kind of rejection.

What if your partner did not want to get married and for you it was your greatest hope in life? Or vice versa?

Knowing what the other person thinks about marriage may be important to your future.

“There is a secret to living happily with your loved one:  Do not try to change them”



Having children or not having them is a vital decision in our lives. No one should sacrifice this important decision for a partner.

In fact, many couples and marriages break up because of this issue. So before things get out of control, why not raise the question at the beginning of a relationship?

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Religion unites or does the opposite. Religion marks a pattern of conduct and behavior in people’s lives. Could you be with a person with beliefs different from your own? To do this, you must ask what their beliefs are.


There are people who give an utmost importance to money. They are unable to be happy if they don’t have material things. However, there are others who prefer to work less and have more free time for example.

The issue of money certainly also determines a person’s lifestyle. Is your lifestyle is the same as theirs? Think about it.

Our personality and lifestyle

Each person in different. There are people who are adventurous, quiet, shy, outgoing… We may not like getting up from our chair while our partner likes to go rafting…

Do you think you both could be compatible for a relationship? You just have to find out.

Love is a difficult matter, but like everything in life, “speaking helps people understand.”

You of all people are the one who has to know what is and isn’t essential for you in a relationship. Talk to your partner and decide within yourself.

This text is provided for informational purposes only and does not replace consultation with a professional. If in doubt, consult your specialist.