7 Habits That Make You Less Attractive

7 Habits That Make You Less Attractive

Last update: 28 July, 2022

Surely the next scenario sounds familiar: you meet a person that you think is attractive. But when you start getting to know them better, you just want to run in the other direction.

Has this ever happened to you?

We live in an age in which we’re taught to give more importance to appearances and all things physical than to cultivate ourselves internally.

Because of this, we brush off negative habits and behaviors that we unconsciously maintain. In doing so, we transform into less attractive people on the inside. We stop being connected to ourselves and our spiritual essence.

The following seven habits diminish your inner beauty:

#1. Rudeness 

A lack of manners is unattractive. As human beings, we prefer to be in the company of those who make us feel good and happy. This allows us to continue evolving in life in a healthy manner.


We choose the kind of people we want and don’t want to be with. And, believe me, if you’re a rude or disrespectful person, few will choose to keep you around.

#2. Insecurity

Throughout my life, I have been guilty of this habit many times. When I was aware of it, I perceived myself as the type of person who only cared about and gave too much importance to what I was lacking.

Because of this, my strength disappeared when it came time to focus on what really matters: developing the innate talents that make each of us unique. 

An insecure person tends to be scared of life itself. Can you imagine how many things you could be missing out on living like this? Never forget, you are one of a kind. And you have everything you need to shine.


#3. Close-mindedness

When you’re close-minded, you go through life feeling that your thoughts and your way of seeing things are the only valid ones. When this happens, you diminish the actions and feelings of the people around you who care about you.

Imagine that you are trying to help out your best friend. You give him a piece of advice from the bottom of your heart, and he just bats your helping hand away. Why? He thinks that you’re wrong simply because you’re not him.

#4. Being controlling

Being near a controlling person is never easy, much less pleasant. Those who are around this type of person have to focus on not getting frustrated by their bossy behavior. Thinking “if I don’t do it myself, it won’t get done right” will slowly leave you with no friends.

#5. Selfishness

It’s easy to ask to be heard, helped or whatever favor you need from somebody else. But, what happens when you don’t offer the same things in return? Not reciprocating is one of the most selfish habits you can have. And one which will make you very unattractive.


#6. Constantly complaining.

The people that love you and wish you the best will obviously lend you an ear during hard times. But abusing their trust and love by complaining constantly will make them pull away from you. And for good reason.

It’s true that complaining could serve as an outlet for a couple of days. But if you make this a habit, you’ll only pull a dark veil over your life. You’ll never escape the hole you’ve dug for yourself by having this kind of negative thoughts.

#7. Not taking care of yourself. 

You’ll probably agree with me that having and maintaining a great physique isn’t the most important thing in the world. But it’s always important to not neglect your hygiene and bodily state. If you do this, you’ll stop being attractive and pleasant to yourself. And that’s the bottom line.


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