7 of the Best Books on Meditation

7 of the Best Books on Meditation

Last update: 11 March, 2018

Meditating doesn’t mean distancing yourself from the world; actually it means the exact opposite. It means getting closer to the world: understanding it, loving it and transforming it. The books on meditation we’ll list below can teach you how to do it. Read on to take advantage of all the benefits that this art offers for our health.

Meditation is a technique that’s becoming popular again as a way to handle stress, get focus and clarify our thoughts. It is also an incredibly effective tool for keeping our body and mind in perfect balance.

In some way or another, we all meditate even if we’re not conscious of it. That’s why learning to do it intentionally can be even better for you. Meditating is a way of listening to the inner voice of our soul. Let’s dive deeper…

Being nobody going nowhere

When it comes to books on meditation, this is one of the greats. It’s a classic in contemporary Buddhist literature. Ayya Khema was a Buddhist nun and teacher who was very committed to including women in the practice of Buddhism.

After founding centers around the world, Khema created this manual after many years of teaching the way of the Buddha in the West. She explains the basic principles of Buddhism in a simple, modern way. 

She goes deep into karma and shines light on the difficulties we may face when meditating. She also explains how to do it. Read this book and learn the basic teachings of meditation.

A woman meditating by the ocean.

The most direct means to eternal bliss

This book by Michael Langford, initially titled “The imposter” (referring to the ego), got to number one on the best-sellers list. Perhaps that’s why it’s considered by many to be the bible on meditation.

In 13 relatively short chapters, he explains what self-inquiry consists of step by step, like an instruction manual. Its peculiar but enjoyable language communicates simply how we can stop suffering and enjoy life.

This is one of the most highly recommended books on meditation for fighting our ego problems. It also helps us channel our extreme fear of things that really aren’t worth it. It urges us to put this inner energy into concentration and self-inquiry.


Vicente Merlo knows how to make a book more than just an extensive meditation manual. The most valuable aspect of this book, without a doubt, is in how practical it is. Its educational nature is the result of the author’s dedication and experience leading meditation courses.

First, it goes very deep into the most basic aspects of both Buddhism and Hinduism, always keeping meditation as the thread throughout. Then, it empowers us to put the teachings into practice through guided meditations in each chapter.

Arriving at your own door: 108 teachings in mindfulness

Although it’s become more fashionable lately, mindfulness has been practiced as a meditation technique for years. In this book, Jon Kabat-Zinn offers us “practical lessons on wisdom and compassion”.

This is definitely one of the books on meditation we consider a must-read if self-care matters to you. Its guidelines will help you to embark on the journey of comprehensive, complete and healing transformation, both inside and out.

“Some people have resistance to the whole idea of taking time for themselves. The Puritan ethic has left a legacy of guilt when we do something for ourselves.”

-Jon Kabat-Zinn-

Books on meditation.

The Heart of Buddhist Meditation: The Buddha’s Way of Mindfulness

Nyanaponika Thera published this book to explain the way of mindfulness of the Buddha (Satipatthana). Her book is based on the conviction that the only way to train and develop the mind in a simple, direct, profound and effective way is through the continuous practice of mindfulness.

The author provides a guide for people who are just starting down the path of understanding Buddhist teachings. On top of this, she also includes practical instructions to apply meditation to your daily life.

Teach yourself to meditate: over 20 simple exercises for peace, health & clarity of mind

Although you should understand its origins if you want to practice meditation, if you’re lazy when it comes to reading, we recommend this book. Eric Harrison includes very basic exercises with simple explanations. He starts from the idea that if we can understand what the practice of meditation actually is, it becomes incredibly simple.

Meditating by the sea.

Full Catastrophe Living: How to Cope with Stress, Pain and Illness Using Mindfulness Meditation

Jon Kabat Zinn teaches us how to find emotional balance when we feel like the world is collapsing in on us. It shows us how it’s possible to live well even in the most complicated situations. But how?

For example, if you have extreme stress, anxiety or depression, he urges you to draw on certain practices based on meditation and yogaHis technique is based on coordinating body and mind to find balance and strimulate well-being and healing.

The variety of books on mediation is as wide as the range of benefits that this practice offers. Meditating is resting your mind, balancing your life, and relaxing your conscience. It’s disconnecting from “reality”, cultivating self-awareness and improving your concentration. It’s finding true happiness.

Pick a book and get started!

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