5 Virtues of Calm Minds

A calm mind sees the world with greater clarity and perspective. It's possible to put aside anxious or irrational thoughts to make better decisions. Discover how in this article.
5 Virtues of Calm Minds
Valeria Sabater

Written and verified by the psychologist Valeria Sabater.

Last update: 15 November, 2021

Calm minds are not only focused but disciplined. Without a doubt, the age we’re living in is always pushing us to multitask and get things done immediately. That’s why, currently, it’s pretty much a privilege to be able to reach an internal balance where thoughts, emotions, and behaviors are in complete harmony and focused on what’s actually important.

Shiba Yoshimasa, a 14th-century Japanese general, said that the most important quality warriors or samurais had to have was calm minds. These kinds of ideas are very inspirational. However, if there’s something that most of us know is that it isn’t easy to train the mind; especially in a discipline where emotional regulation, the capacity for reflection, and internal serenity are so vital.

As of now, many books give advice on and help you to train your attention. In addition, there are disciplines, such as mindfulness, that portray meditation as an ideal strategy to educate nervous minds.

These strategies might work for some people. Nonetheless, not everyone conforms to them. This is because it’s incredibly difficult for our thinking patterns to change. It’s not easy to put a brake on a mind that usually goes faster than life itself.

Thus, we know it takes time to find a strategy that best suits every person’s particularities. However, getting to it can be helpful in achieving a more relaxed mind which, in turn, would allow your reality to be focused on your well-being.

Calm minds equal clear minds

Within Buddhist philosophy, there’s a very interesting concept called “the monkey mind“. This term refers to that restless, unmanageable, and even exasperating state of mind that goes from branch to branch in a forest of thoughts. A mind that’s lost in its own worries, that adheres to the ego and isn’t able to see what really matters.

A strategy to help monkey minds become calm minds is to get them down from the forest of thoughts to firm ground. Only by having your feet on the ground will you get more control and perspective. It’s at that moment that the individual reaches equilibrium and inner security. Creativity, reflection, and personal control need to come together in order to make better life decisions.

That being said, let’s analyze some virtues that define calm minds to understand why it’s important to work on them.

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1. Calm minds, less anxiety

The head of psychiatry at the University of Washington, Dr. Peter Roy-Byrne, pointed out something important. Anxiety disorders are more common than depression and just as disabling.

Anxiety is that uncomfortable travel companion that comes and goes in a person’s day-to-day life. But it’s possible to keep this enemy at bay by practicing mindfulness.

A feeling of calmness begins to arise when your mental focus can finally concentrate on important things at all times, leave negative emotions aside, and silence intrusive thoughts.

2. Keep yourself and what happens around you separated

“Monkey” or anxious minds have a curious ability. Everything that happens around them affects them and impacts them in an intense and inevitable way. No matter how insignificant an event is, anything will end up being magnified, resulting in more distress.

Calm minds, on the other hand, have an exceptional virtue. They’re able to maintain some distance, which serves as a protective filter. By observing what surrounds them with more serenity, they better handle unexpected situations and are able to control their impact.

3. Internal calm and emotional control

A focused and relaxed mind hasn’t been that way forever. This type of mind had to learn to manage its emotions. Instead of ignoring their anxiety, hiding their fears, or turning their face to worries, a calm person knows how to effectively manage these internal demons. They’ve learned to understand their fears and understand that anxiety is part of life. The most important thing is that they know how to keep it under control.

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4. They remain calm and brave before a challenge

When our inner being can’t seem to get out of a stressful and anxiety-filled situation, we don’t act on things, we simply react. It’s like a leaf flowing through the wind: it has no control in its movements and ends up being hit here and there. Now, this doesn’t really happen in calm minds.

Calm minds are full of reflection. They don’t act by instinct. Instead, they look at the world with perspective and stand proactive. They’re rarely ever caught in storms because they see them coming. Bravery is a huge characteristic of this type of mind as they don’t hesitate to face any challenge that comes their way.

5. Calm minds make better decisions

Your nationality, language, or culture doesn’t define you. What truly defines you as a person are the decisions you choose to make. Thus, an exceptional way to have greater control and succeed in each of these steps is to learn to decide within a calm mind.

Calm minds are like neat rooms; they have control and perspective. It’s a place where intuition meets experience. That’s the place where each person can make the decisions that will guide the course of their life with greater success.

To conclude, we’re going to mention something that psychologist Daniel Kahneman once said. He stated that beyond how we feel at a certain moment, it’s necessary to always act calmly. Now, remember that calm doesn’t arise just because. It’s important to train it and treasure it by assuming control of your emotions and thoughts at all times. Put it into practice today!

This text is provided for informational purposes only and does not replace consultation with a professional. If in doubt, consult your specialist.