5 Tips for Strengthening Your Relationship

August 13, 2019

How is your relationship doing? It looks different for each couple, but the effects of connection or disconnection are very palpable. When the bond is alive between two people who love each other, communication is more fluid, as is trust and affection.

On the other hand, if the connection with your partner is failing, distance and incomprehension prevail. That’s why it’s so important to nurture these bonds and strengthen them. To prevent coldness from appearing.

Here are some little tips you can follow to help improve the connection between you and your partner. They’re simple but profound actions worth incorporating into your relationship.

Remember, a relationship is like a garden. If you want to see it thrive, you have to take care of it. Let’s look at these tips now.

“You never lose by loving, you always lose by repressing yourself.”

-Barbara de Angelis-

1. Connection and gratitude

Nothing feeds connection more than gratitude. Show your boyfriend that you’re grateful for his presence in your life. There are thousands of small things that your girlfriend gives you every day: her company, her ears, her shoulder to lean on…

The list is long. The question is, how often do you thank her?

show gratitude to make your relationship stronger

We often forget that our boyfriend isn’t obligated to be there, walking through life with us. Over time, we get used to their presence and see it as normal or routine.

But this is a big mistake. If you show appreciation and gratitude, you’ll get the same in return and be strengthening your relationship.

2. Take time out to be alone together

As time goes on, things become routine. There comes a point where time spent just the two of you somehow just get crowded out. Plans and events are shared. However, little by little, you start forgetting about spending time alone together.

To feed connection with your significant other, it’s essential to set aside time to just be together as a couple. This isn’t something that should happen every month. Actually, it should happen every day.

Devoting time, even just a brief moment, to listen to them is so important. Put away your cell phone, turn off the television, get rid of distractions. This way they’ll see how much you care and you’ll stay close.

3. Simple, everyday touch for strengthening your relationship

Routine is the worst thing for relationships. Over time, we forget the importance of everyday expressions of affection. A warm touch on a regular day. But forgetting something as simple as that really breaks down your connection because it creates distance and takes away warmth.

gif of a warm touch strengthening your relationship

It’s important to prevent this from happening. Caresses, hugs, and the little everyday things you do to show you care… they should never disappear. They are one of the most valuable parts of a relationship and you shouldn’t allow them to vanish.

Ask for hugs. Give hugs. Tell your partner how good they look. Don’t miss an opportunity to express your affection.

4. Solve conflicts, don’t ignore them

When a conflict arises, it’s best to try to solve it. Do not ignore it. Otherwise, resentment, misunderstandings, and unnecessary distances will be the result.

If you really love them, if the relationship is important to you, your priority should be strengthening your relationship.

So don’t be afraid to build bridges of communication, even if they were the one who started the conflict. The important thing is to talk about what happened, express all points of view, and try to reach an agreement.

5. Focus on emotions

Relationships are, above all, emotional. It is precisely the emotions and feelings that should have a leading role. The connection you have with your partner depends to a great extent on the quality of your communication in emotional terms. 

marriage rings

Really, the most important thing is always what each person feels. Your capacity for understanding should be focused on emotions and feelings that sometimes seem absurd in the light of reason, but in the light of the heart they always make sense. We must be respectful when dealing with emotions.

Building and strengthening your relationship is not easy.  So, if you’ve done it, if you love this person who shares your days with you, you must make an effort to nourish and preserve your connection.

The good news is that relationships are like a crop that always gives a bountiful harvest if we put in the work.