5 Tips for Dealing with Highly Temperamental People

5 Tips for Dealing with Highly Temperamental People

Last update: 09 October, 2016

Bad moods are something quite natural for highly temperamental people. We all have bad times when it is difficult for us to control ourselves in the presence of others. But there are people who seem to have one right after the other. When a bad mood appears occasionally, we tend to tolerate it and to be empathetic. But when it turns into a constant and we do not cut it off in time, it can end up becoming contagious.

But what do we do when a person is constantly angry or in a bad mood? Do we have to tolerate this toxic behavior? Most people will tell you that there is no reason for you to put up with other people’s bad moods. If you do not throw your trash into another person’s house, they do not have any reason to spread theirs in your house.

However, we cannot always avoid those temperamental people and their bad moods. Simply putting up with it and becoming infected with their bad mood is not a solution. Below, we are going to look at some strategies to deal with highly temperamental people.

How to deal with highly temperamental people

Your mood should not be determined by others. You should know how to manage your emotions . However, many people are susceptible to the moods of others. This advice will be of particular interest to this group of people, and they will also help them to improve their emotional management.

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Consider your options

There may be people around you who always seem to need to dominate the emotional atmosphere. Highly temperamental people need everyone to be as angry and in as bad of a mood as them. They feel better about themselves knowing that they have the power to dominate the moods of others.

It is not easy to escape these people. Physically, they are there. Disappearing is not always an option. What can you do if their attitude has an influence on your mood? For starters, you have to try to identify those changes, to know how they affect you.

Once you have identified the influence they have on you and to what degree they affect you, it is good to consider what options you have to avoid that person. Can you hold them at a distance? What can you do so as not to provoke them?

Do not play their game

When you are with someone highly temperamental, who gets angry easily, do not play their game or try to get involved or talk reason into them. For this type of person, you will be an easy catch, a simple way to take our their anger and spread their venom.

If you cannot avoid that person, discover the way to avoid letting their words in like someone who lets in a punch. Try to let them bounce off you and fly off your force field, like a ball that hits the post and rolls off the field. Maybe the other person is going to look for that and try again, but it rests within you to be more persistent.

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Look for set phrases or ways to act to distract their attention or to respond to them without playing their game. Play the fool, or bite your tongue. You know they are never going to admit you are right and they are going to look for a way to remain on top. If you do not play, nobody wins or loses.

Do not give them a taste of their own medicine

When we spend a lot of time with people who get angry easily, the temptation may arise to give them a taste of their own medicine, doing the same thing ourselves as a form of revenge. But why are you going to keep feeding that attitude?

Stop and think. If you act like that ill-tempered person, in addition to feeding their bad mood, you are reinforcing their behavior. That is, you are validating what they are doing. You are telling them that they can throw their garbage on you.

Fight back with friendliness and a good mood

Friendliness and a good mood are like anti-aircraft missiles whose mission it is to annihilate the enemy attack. They set the bombs off before they reach the ground. Being friendly and good-humored can infect the other person or at least make them consider another place to launch their bad mood.

Playing matters down, showing an optimistic attitude, or focusing the subject from a friendly point of view instead of “like a mirror” will make it clear to the other person that you are not going to get carried away. It will tell them that you are not going to allow them to take their anger out on you. If the other person really needs to talk or vent to you, they have to do it in a way that will not hurt you.

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