5 Steps That Will Help You Restart Your Life

5 Steps That Will Help You Restart Your Life

Last update: 20 August, 2017

Restarting is the word for going through changes, seeking out second chances and going for a transformation of what you currently are. It’s the facet of yourself that comes before the new person you want to be. So, to evolve, it is crucial that you learn to restart. Would you like to become a better and happier version of yourself? Then it’s time to restart!

When you get started, bear in mind that this process includes both your inner and outer worlds. It might be easier to do it with a practical method that enables you to restart with some kind of order. In this article we will talk about five steps that will help you to restart your life if you have set the goal of improving it.

1. Organize what you have and what you think

The first step to knowing what you’re going to change is to have it in order. It’s recommended to first organize your physical space, where it is good for each object to have its place. Following the book “The life-changing magic of tidying up” by Marie Kondo, the criteria for organizing your physical space should be the state of happiness that it will give you.

Group together all your belongings in your house or at work and then decide which ones make you happy. If something doesn’t make you feel happy when you see it, throw it out or put it out of view. You’ll then see that your mental closet needs tidying up too. You can apply the same formula: give the thoughts that make you happy a new order in your head, and one by one throw out the ones that stop you being happy.

2. Put your intention into what projects you forward

“If you want different results, don’t always do the same thing”
-Albert Einstein-

Learn to differentiate what projects you forward from what holds you back. This key will enable you to restart your life after reflecting on how you’re directing it. If you’re addicted to your routines and old habits it is important for you to be able to see yourself from a new perspective. One of the best ways to do this is to ask your friends what part of yourself you could improve.

Ask them what you’ve got right and what your mistakes are. What could you improve? What would it be good for you to change? Bear in mind their answers and take note of the information they offer you because it is very valuable for restarting.

3. Go for a routine that brings you closer to happiness

To get a better idea of your routine, it’s advisable to get out a paper and pen. Write down everything you do throughout the day. Now evaluate how many of these things bring you closer to happiness and which ones steal your energy, time, money and health. To restart your life it is important to understand that happiness is a state that is achieved by having your actions and relationships orientated towards well-being. What influences your happiness depends on you, and fortunately the researcher Eduard Punset has affirmed that you can also learn to be happy and to understand the difference between urgent and important.

It is very simple if you start looking from this point of view, and it is complicated if you start in “automatic pilot” mode. There is nothing like having a method based on order and well-being. Many of the actions you carry out in a day don’t make you happy but form part of your commitments. They are your responsibilities and you shouldn’t renounce them too easily.

Carry them out in the most conscious and effective way. Use your time to fulfill your responsibilities and leave time to restart your life with the actions that are important and make you happy. A study in the magazine Psychological Science revealed the importance of being close to green spaces for human well-being and makes it clear that what is around us affects our well-being. So you can start by looking for the place that transmits you most well-being so that you can visit it in your new phase.

4. Restart by saying “Hello” to new things and not throwing out what you like

From the previous list you’re going to find many actions that you like and that make you feel at ease and satisfied. It is important that these actions stay on your list. You can fight your routine and your task is to make it serve you best and be best adapted to your needs.

“Restarting is going for the best of yourself without renouncing what you’ve already got right”

To restart, it is important to understand that if something is going well, it’s best to keep it. Changes are for what doesn’t work. The new will come when you ask yourself: in what way can I improve that which doesn’t help me to feel good or feel better in myself? All these actions go into the “new” folder. Choose the three new actions that most excite you and include them in your routine. Work at it to make them part of your life and put your energy into them so that you have a clear focus for restarting. Program your own Reinvention Menu!

5. Buy a notebook for yourself and learn to use it

Look for a notebook that you like and that inspires you. Use it to monitor everything you’re doing to restart your life with an approach that includes your physical space and your emotional space.

Note down what you achieve and make an effort with the tasks you want to finish. All changes take time and your process will show you how you’ve progressed as you include the new actions in your program to restart and be happier. The desire to change is the first key to restarting and obtaining results.

What are you waiting for to restart your life?

This text is provided for informational purposes only and does not replace consultation with a professional. If in doubt, consult your specialist.