5 Signs You Are an Indigo Adult

5 Signs You Are an Indigo Adult

Last update: 28 July, 2022

For the last ten years, the term indigo child  has been used to refer to children who represent a superior state of human evolution in the context of the New Age school of thought. Those who defend this hypothesis refer to said evolution as ethical and mental spiritual progress. A sort of “race” whose mission is to fight against the establish system.

At the end of the Second World War, indigo children started being born, increasing in numbers during the 70s and 80s,” explains psychologist Esther Morales León. Many of these young people, at these heights, have already reached maturity. Now we are dealing with adults who do not know if they belong to this group and due to this feel difficulties when it comes to understanding themselves and managing their emotions.

Doctor Morales León explains that the task of “indigo people” is to accept themselves, value themselves, and discover their personal mission in life, using all the talents they innately have at their disposal for this, as well as their elevated level of awareness. “All of this to be a real contribution to the planet’s evolution,” continues the psychologist. Today we will share with you the principal characteristics of “indigo adults.”

“The soul is what we live, feel, and think for.”


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They feel different from others

The personalities of “indigo people” are made up of high sensitivity , intelligence, and creativity. As a result, they are passionate people, creating elements and experiences, for which they employ great empathy with their surroundings. Despite this, indigo people feel different from others, making it hard for them to adapt to the socially imposed model of life.

It is hard for them to tolerate actions done lazily or without employing all of the talent available on the part of the person in question, which blocks them when it comes time to manage their anger and rage. They prefer to work alone and in leadership positions, as well as to cooperate in groups but in an individual way.

They easily perceive lies and falseness

It is true that nobody likes lies, as small as they may be. They do not make us feel good because they decide for us what we must or must not know. In this case, “indigo people,” because they have a highly developed sense of justice, do not like lies and falseness when it comes to relating to the people around them or with themselves. By perceiving sensations that others do not see, they are more intuitive and easily detect other realities different from their own, giving them the ability to detect fallacies with almost no effort.

Wendy Chapman, American author of various books on the topic, provides us with other characteristics based on the results of her research. “They are intelligent, although they may not have got the best grades in school. They always need to know why, especially why someone is asking them to do something. They dislike and maybe even hate most repetitive jobs required in school.


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Spiritual when it comes to improving themselves and the world

From a young age, indigo people enjoy a high level of awareness of themselves, managing to be perceptive and intuitive . They enjoy innate inner wisdom about our life system, developing abstract thought from an early age. Moreover, they possess great skill when it comes to realizing their dreams and what they set out to do. Due to these talents, they need to do things to change and improve the world, but they may have obstacles when it comes to identifying the way.

Seeking inner happiness in a conscious way, as a daily priority, is one of the basic signs of people with high sensitivity and the ability to understand life, as is the case with the “indigo.” Understanding the world through spirituality, the sensations of those we love the most, or self-help advice, like what we will present to you below to work on our inner development, are elements of their daily lives.

They have psychic experiences

There are people who maintain that these children enjoy paranormal abilities like telepathy or the ability to read minds, a greater capacity for empathy, or a high level of creativity. They are called “indigo people” because there is the belief that these children would have an aura with this shade.

When we speak of psychic experiences, we are referring to premonitions, out of body experiences, and/or hearing voices. There are many of us who believe in certain people’s abilities to get in touch with other dimensions, to perceive the energy around us, to mentally visualize and dream of situations that will take place in the future, or to have imaginary friends.

They are highly sensitive people

Indigo people share an extremely sensitive emotional personality, expressing their feelings for the slightest reason or being able to do the opposite, showing no display of emotion at all. They are very expressive sexually or they can reject sexuality out of boredom or with the intention of achieving a higher spiritual connection. They seek the meaning of their existence, their mission in life, and understanding of the world.

It is true that we do not feel the same way every day and luckily we can count on different mechanisms to express the things that happen to us. The problem, however, resides in the magnitude of variation in our emotional states. Due to this highly developed sensitivity to their own emotions and those of others, “indigo people” fluctuate from sadness to total despair.

“The human body is nothing but appearances, and it hides our reality. The reality of the soul.”

-Víctor Hugo-

This text is provided for informational purposes only and does not replace consultation with a professional. If in doubt, consult your specialist.