5 Sensational Phrases To Help You Love Yourself

5 Sensational Phrases To Help You Love Yourself

Last update: 28 July, 2022

Do you have any idea how critical you are towards yourself? Maybe every time you look in the mirror, you say things to yourself that hurt. Most of the time our worst critic is ourselves.

This time we would like to share with you some of the best phrases and quotes that will help you love yourself. After all, you are the person who will be with you for the rest of your life. Despite your fears, your mistakes, your victories and your experiences.

1.”I have finally stopped running away from myself. Who could I be better than myself?” – Golden Hawk

This North American actress reminds us that loving yourself is a choice. It is very easy to think that you need something more to be happy. Many people live their lives as if it were a race.

You might think that you need to have more money, the perfect body or anything else. But at the end of the day, you wont be able to be happy if you don’t love who you are first. If you spend your life running away from who you are, you will end up losing yourself. Really get to know yourself. Don’t let any stereotype convince you that you should be different.

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2.”If you don’t love yourself for who you are, you wont be able to love others. If you don’t feel compassion for yourself, you wont be able to feel compassion for other people.” – Dalai Lama

Many people live their lives helping others and showing love to the world. But inside, they feel like something is missing and they don’t understand what that feeling is all about. Are you one of these people? How often do you show yourself love? Are you compassionate with yourself?

Loving who you are and showing it is more beneficial for you than anything else. Negative attitudes such as criticizing yourself, undervaluing yourself or talking to yourself in a negative manner can only cause you harm. Remember that the most important love and compassion in your life are the ones that emerge from your heart aimed at yourself.

3.”It is not your job to love me, it is mine.” – Byron Katie

What do you pay attention to in life? It’s likely that you will spend a big part of your day trying to make every one else happy. We tend to think that if we do it well they will love us more, and we will be happier.

The problem with this mentality is that nobody will be able to love you more than you love yourself. When you are having a rough time and you feel alone, remember to love yourself. Your flaws, fears and even your shortcomings, they don’t matter. You are a whole and complete person who deserves to be loved fully. Why don’t you start by loving yourself fully?

4.”Loving yourself doesn’t mean being narcissistic or ungrateful to others. It actually means welcoming yourself as the most valuable guest in your life, most deserving of love and respect.” – Margo Anand

How many people do we allow into our lives? When we feel that someone deserves our love, we put in effort to make them feel at home. But, do they treat us the same way?

Certain attitudes such as caring for your physical appearance, taking time to spoil yourself and telling yourself you love yourself for who you are are very basic things. There are some people who think that taking care of themselves is synonymous to narcissism.

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This is completely false. There is a great difference between self love and narcissism: the harm that you can cause. A narcissistic person will hurt whoever surrounds them without a second thought. Someone who loves themselves and values themselves, shares in your happiness and doesn’t harm the people around them.

5. “When nobody celebrates you, celebrate yourself. When no one gives you a compliment, compliment yourself. It’s no one else’s job to give you courage. That’s your job. Courage can only come from the depth of your own being.” – Joel Osteen

From a very young age we learn to await acknowledgement from others. From a good grade in school to the acknowledgement from your significant other, your friends or even your boss. Your happiness cannot depend on what others have to say to or about you.

You should learn to love who you are and celebrate your own successes. When you face a failure, you’re also capable of moving past it on your own accord. This will help you move forward without caring about what others think or say.

I’m sure more than once you have found yourself in situations where you didn’t have much support from other people. Even the people that love us the most can distance themselves from us at some point, though it might not be on purpose or even consciously.

These phrases are great in order to get you to love yourself. It’s easy for you to sometimes forget how important you are, but these phrases can help you when you need it the most. 

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