5 Books that can Ease Your Heartbreak

5 Books that can Ease Your Heartbreak

Last update: 08 November, 2022

The ability to say a lot with very few words is a thing of geniuses. Geniuses such as Pablo Neruda. One of his most famous quotes says, “Love is so short and oblivion is so long…” Since not everyone is as bright as he was, some of us need many more words to explain certain phenomena. Some people write entire books. In fact, today we would like to show you a list of books which might help to ease the pain of your heartbreak.

Experiencing love is a wonderful thing. But experiencing heartbreak is terribly painful. When a relationship ends we feel how that person we gave so much to will no longer be a part of our world.  This is something which can make us feel a great deal of suffering.

Books that can ease a broken heart

Luckily, nothing stays the same in this world. No matter how painful a breakup is, moving forward is always an option as well as a necessity. We have to look for our own self, our unique sound. In this sense, these books that ease the pain of heartbreak can be useful. Use them as a temporary guide to help you return to your normal path.

“The hardest part is not the first kiss, but the last.”
-Paul Geraldy-

“Love or Dependency?” by Walter Riso

Walter Riso is one of the authors who has greatly contributed to modern psychology. He has explained it in a simple way, so that we can all understand it. In this particular book, he helps us overcome heartbreak with his ideas which are accessible and free of complexities.

Riso focuses on emotional dependence and how to get rid of it. Do you think you’ve been experiencing a toxic relationship? Maybe right now you feel like nothing makes sense. But the truth is that you’re at a bright starting point towards making your future relationships healthier.

So, if your life in a relationship has been especially hard due to jealousy or constant conflicts, you shouldn’t hesitate to read this book. This way, you will learn how to maintain healthy relationships and enjoy your life with company.

“It’s so hard for me to forget you” by Mariela Michelena

Let’s talk now about the work of a famous psychoanalyst, Mariela Michelena. This book is specially designed for women. If you find yourself at a point of no return and unable to move forward, maybe this is the book for you.

Often, at the end of a relationship, it is almost impossible to turn the page . As much as you want to move on, you are unable to do so. But sometimes, a deep reflection from new perspectives that you had not yet imagined can be the solution. Michelena teaches us how to overcome this complex situation of resistance in the face of change. If you feel guilty and keep remembering your past relationship, take a look at this book. You have to move on without that person, whether you like it or not.

“Eat, Pray, Love” by Elizabeth Gilbert

Now let’s look at a bestseller which has even been turned into a film with a cast that includes Julia Roberts and Javier Bardem. A woman who lost her way after her divorce decides to venture on a trip which takes her to Italy, India, and Indonesia.

Without a doubt, Gilbert knows what she is talking about, since her work is an autobiography. In spite of her pain she drew strength from her weaknesses to look for something better than what she had. Although this book is not written from a psychological point of view it may inspire many.

“Women who love too much” by Robin Norwood

Robin Norwood believes loving too much means talking constantly about the other person. So, if all of our conversations are about our significant other, their problems and feelings, then maybe we are loving excessively.

However, Norwood tries to help women who are addicted to toxic relationships. In this type of relationship, women make excuses for everything their partners do. Even when the partner’s actions are a constantly bother them. Surely it’s a good idea to change and leave behind this type of “excessive love”.

“The wounds which cannot be seen are the most profound.”
-William Shakespeare-

Finally, we highlight the work of Helen Fisher among the books which can help relieve the pain of heartbreak. Without any doubt, this is a book which has awakened the curiosity of the scientific community. The author offers an explanation from a biological approach to the functioning of our brains when we fall in love.

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