5 Benefits of Female Masturbation

5 Benefits of Female Masturbation

Last update: 13 November, 2018

Although it’s totally natural and a healthy part of human sexuality, masturbation is still taboo in many places. In this article, we discuss the many benefits of female masturbation.

Although male masturbation is a more socially accepted idea, female masturbation isn’t. However, although this information is rarely shared, statistics tell us that women do masturbate. For example, we can find some data in a study conducted by the National Survey of Sexual Health and Behavior (NSSHB) at Indiana University.

We want to help you be more aware of the positive aspects of female masturbation. If you’re a man, this article will help you better understand your partner. And if you’re a woman, you’ll see past all the myths and taboos that have surrounded masturbation.

Benefits of female masturbation

Masturbation is still widely-studied because it’s a very curious topic. Some research even shows associations between this practice and physical, mental, and sexual health. In particular, certain physical and psychological aspects seem to improve in women when they immerse themselves in autoeroticism.

Next, we’ll see the most relevant benefits of masturbation.

Female masturbation can improve sexual pleasure.

1. Increases well-being

The most relevant benefit of masturbation is also the most obvious one. We feel good when we touch ourselves. By why does this happen? As with sex, the orgasms we generate on our own release certain neurotransmitters in the brain. These alter our mood and even affect our physical health.

One of the best-known neurotransmitters that’s released during an orgasm is dopamine. This substance is responsible for pleasure. Its effects can be very powerful. Therefore, one of the greatest benefits of female masturbation is an increased feeling of well-being.

2. It helps you enjoy sex more

Some women are unable to have orgasms when they’re with their partners. This can happen due to many different reasons. However, there’s a direct relationship between regular masturbation and enjoying sex.

Although it seems counter-intuitive, it actually isn’t. Female masturbation allows women who practice it to better understand their body and know what they really enjoy. Therefore, once they’re with their partners, they’re able to guide them more effectively so that each caress is more pleasurable for them.

3. Reduces stress levels

One of the benefits of female masturbation that influences psychological well-being is its relaxing effect. Several studies have shown that women who practice masturbation have reduced stress levels thanks to the substances released in the brain.

This is more important than it may seem at first. Stress has been linked to all kinds of problems, such as depression, anxiety, cancer, or heart attacks. Therefore, any practice that helps reduce it should have a place in our day to day lives.

4. Helps relieve menstrual pain

One of the most irritating factors of being a woman is menstruation pain. Once a month, women have to suffer all kinds of discomfort that sometimes even painkillers can’t relieve. However, what if there was a way to relieve that pain in a very pleasant way?

Well, this is precisely what studies seem to show. Several studies on the benefits of female masturbation argue that this practice helps relieve or even eliminate menstrual pain. The next time you feel this discomfort, dedicate some time to yourself instead of taking a pill.

A woman masturbating.

5. It improves your health

The final health benefit for women who masturbate on a regular basis is perhaps the most shocking. As the most promising studies show, self-induced orgasms can reduce the likelihood of suffering from different diseases, such as diabetes or cancer.

Apparently, an orgasm releases more than just endorphins. Other substances that play a very important role in maintaining good physical health are also released.

These aren’t the only benefits of female masturbation. Now that you know five of them, why not start this practice? Dare to pleasure yourself today!

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