21 Habits for Improving Your Life

January 18, 2016


Habits are things that can help us out in our daily lives because they allow us to go about our days without having to make continuous decisions about what we are going to do for every, single action. Our minds are based on a system made up of large and small habits. Many of these habits are really positive, while others…not so much.

Operating in this way gives our brains more time to use their power for what is truly important in our lives. Think about making a list of healthy habits that will help you change your life for the better.

Would you like to know what some of these habits are? Take a look!

  1. Each day, sleep for the amount of time that you need to be fully rested. This number is different for everyone, but after finding yours, hit the hay! Being well-rested helps us start our days more easily and being alert helps us to make the best decisions.
  2. Before eating, ask yourself, “Am I really hungry?” Many times, it’s not hunger we are feeling, but thirst. Asking yourself this question allows you to feel more conscious about what your body really wants and it’s probably also a question that you’ll be asking yourself very often. We aren’t saying to stop eating, just be more aware of what it is you truly need.
  3. Take the time to volunteer or get involved in charitable acts. Many times, happiness is found when we are offering up the best version of ourselves to others.
  4. Reward yourself and look for ways to do it. Enlist the help of a life coach or someone within a similar field and begin the process of re-discovering yourself on the inside. This new knowledge will give you an infinite amount of options and possibilities that will make you happy. Hey, you’re doing really well and you know it, give yourself a reward every once in a while. You deserve it!
  5. Find all of those movies that made you feel something special in your heart. Find ways to recall those precious emotions through things like movies or music. Our days normally don’t give us the time to slow down and enjoy these feelings, but make the time to experience them once again.
  6. Register for a class that interests you to learn something new.
  7. Listen to your heart. Practice slowing down and feeling calm. Take a moment to reflect and stop to listen to everything your heart has to tell you…it’s the best guide that you have.
  8. Start using phrases that warm people’s hearts when they hear them: I love you, I’m sorry, thank you, etc.
  9. Read up on subjects that you find the most interesting, something new, or even something that has been recommended to you. You will learn something new every time and this added knowledge will help you to reach the contentment that you are looking for.
  10. Call up a person who you haven’t contacted or spoken to in a while. Tell them about how you’ve been thinking of them or simply ask “How is everything going?” When you make a gesture like this, it fills the other person with love and happiness. Something as simple as a phone call or text message can mean so much to someone.
  11. Donate your old books to a library or to someone who you know would really appreciate them. Share. There are many people who haven’t ever had the opportunity that you have right now to be able to share their old belongings with others. Imagine how good you will feel for donating and how good the person on the receiving end will feel.
  12. Take some time out for yourself every once in a while. Take inventory in your mind and clean out all of those beliefs and habits that create fear and obstacles in your daily life. If you don’t think you can take any time for yourself remember this, if you don’t take the time for yourself, no one else is going to take it for you. It needs to be a priority.
  13. Clean up your life. Make everything simpler, more practical. Out with the old, in with the new. Don’t complicate everything by looking for a ton of different options. Just focus on looking for the most comfortable alternative for your life that will allow you to achieve what you want.
  14. Believe that you can accomplish anything and everything you want in life. If you hear someone telling you “it can’t be done”, remember that you have the power to achieve anything you want. If you are capable of envisioning it or dreaming it up, it’s because you are also capable of doing it/living it. Your heart is not programmed to lead you astray.
  15. Set weekly goals and experiment with them. Try doing things you don’t normally do. Give yourself a week and change/add a habit that you want. For example: waking up everyday to your favorite music, watching the sunset for 5 days, etc. This is a way to make your life more authentic and enjoyable.
  16. Wake up every morning with the mind-set that everything that happens is for the good. Learn to identify the reasons that things happen and how they are connected to something positive. Changing your way of thinking will also change your way of living.
  17. Go off by yourself. Leave your daily schedule behind and pick something you really enjoy doing, like walking through the park, but do it by yourself. Listen to yourself and begin to notice the sensations and emotions that arise. You will be able to set free a lot of negative emotions that were collected throughout the day.
  18. Whenever you are in doubt, remember that you are unique and you deserve the best, including unconditional love.
  19. Do you like to talk a lot? Try giving it a rest and listening to everything that is happening around you. Start asking questions and really listen to the answers. You don’t know everything there is to know. You learn so much more by listening than by talking non-stop.
  20. Focus on what is truly important in life. Decide what is really worth fighting for and pick your battles carefully.
  21. Make a list of things that you want to do/accomplish each year. Revise the list as often as you want and become aware of all of the changes you are going through as you travel down your own life path. The ever-changing list will serve as a reminder of how much you are evolving.

We hope that these positive habits are just as fun to employ as they are helpful. Adopting habits like these into your lifestyle will help you to live more completely and happily. Try a few out and let us know how it goes! You deserve to enjoy life and feel content.