16 Images that Show Us What We Don't Want to See

16 Images that Show Us What We Don't Want to See

Last update: 30 November, 2015

When you read this joke, you will probably laugh, you will probably like it, and you will probably relate to its irony. However, I am quite sure that it will also, in turn, move something inside you, and it may make you feel a little agitated…:

I am trying to make friends off of Facebook. I go out into the street, and start telling people what I’ve eaten, how I’m feeling, what I’m doing, and what I will do later. I hear conversations and I yell, “I like that!” Now, I have three people following me: two policemen and a psychiatrist. 

Maybe what we like about this joke is that, in a way, it envelops our worries and our understanding, and, in a certain way, makes us aware of how we relate to the world.

What we find entertaining is the double meaning, the everyday stories, the prejudice. This helps us figure out our emotions and our realities, helping everything make sense to us. But, overall, it allows us to avoid reflecting on what we are truly addicted to and dependent on. 

John Holcroft illustrates for us the reality in which we live. This amazing artist spares us the effort of having to think about what we are failing to see. Something that, in a certain way, is not necessary for us to be told. In this article, we will look at some of his artwork:

Do you realize what the smoke from your cigarette is preventing you from seeing

Abstract drawing of coins coming out of a cigarette

“Habit is stronger than reason.” -George Sanayana-

Abstract drawing man sitting in chair growing roots

Our dependence on technology checkmates our ability to enjoy life. 

Abstract drawing boy sitting playing video game growing roots

We don’t want to realize it, but we go through life glued to our computer screens, our smartphone screens, and the screens of our tablets. We would probably give everything we have for a “smart watch” that tells us how we’ve slept, how many stairs we’ve climbed, and what we have to do to lose a few more pounds.

And we don’t realize that we live as slaves to the industry… 

Two images abstract drawings of people eating burgers

Here we have the best happiness kit on the market!!! 

Image of a box and its contents labeled "Happiness Kit"

How are we feeding our ego? 

Abstract image person dumping "like" symbols into a bowl labeled "Ego"

Where are most of the thieves? In jail or walking free? 

Abstract drawing man blowing himself up with air


Do we search for the key to success, or do we just buy it? 

Abstract image "Outsource Office Worker" package

Abstract image matchbook with little men instead of matches

Are we living beyond our means?!?!?! 

Abstract image man held in the stocks that say "contract"

Abstract image can of sardines painted like subway cars

Abstract image people being dumped into a job center

Not everything that shines is gold. Or maybe for some people it is… 

Abstract image man driving tractor harvesting money

Abstract image bear trap shaped like a heart with a red heart inside
Abstract image brain walking away out of a child's head

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