Today I'll React In The Best Way

Today I'll React In The Best Way

Last update: 12 June, 2016

How many times have you reacted inappropriately? In  negative situations sometimes we lose our self-control completely.

To react in the best way, we must learn to control ourselves. We know it’s very easy to say, but it is difficult to implement. How can we act in the best way in a new situation totally unknown to us?

“Have the courage to act instead of reacting.”

-Oliver Wendell Holmes-

Reacting in the best way does not imply saying everything we think or what we know as “not having a filter.”.\ No, reacting in the best way implies being wise and also being prudent.

Think before reacting

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There are many situations that can lead us to react. This may occur in familial and personal situations, or even at work. It is difficult to establish specific guidelines for action depending on what is causing the negative reaction you’re having. There are many situations that can occur, many even have yet to be discovered. What can we do then?

What do you prefer, should you give in or not? These are turning points to keep in mind at all times, and then you must also look around you and see what situation you are in and where you are.

Also, having the expression “Today I’ll react in the best way” steadily in our mind can help us not rush. Reacting in a public place is not the same as reacting in one that is more private. Nor is reacting to your friend the same as with your boss. These things must be taken into account so that we are not harmed by our own reaction.

“If you have self-control and responsibility for yourself, you will be able to take charge of your situation.”

-Bernardo Stamateas-

Do not give importance to negative moments

We always tend to give more importance to the negative moments that occupy our lives. The truth is that since they hurt us, we tend to give them more importance. But today if you want to react in the best way, begin by not giving them so much importance. Negative situations occur just as much as positive ones. What we have to do is keep track of our own confidence and positivity.

Do not be overcome by the negative situations. Although today it may go wrong, keep moving forward! Tomorrow things will be better, and if not, they’ll change. It is very important not be obsessed or focus so much on negative situations. Remember that negativity only attracts more negativity.

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Ways to react

The best way to react is by changing our view of the reaction itself. But to do this, it is important to know a little about the three options we typically have when reacting to a situation:

  • We can enter the feeling and experience it intensely.
  • We can try to ignore the feeling, but it is difficult for us.
  • We can strive to gain perspective.

In principle, we must say that the second option is the least productive. Ignoring our feelings or emotions will never be positive. Even if we ignore what we are feeling, it will still be there. Possibly, by ignoring the feeling it will come out later mixed with new feelings.

Therefore, it would be best if we could just avoid the second way of reacting. If we experience the intense emotion or feeling, we’ll be able to understand it thoroughly and know what to do next. And if, finally, we strive to see things in a different way we will be playing with several different perspectives that can enrich our view of things.

“I never analyze, I just react… I walk with all my prejudices. I never try to improve myself or learn anything. I am not one to learn, I am one to avoid”

-Charles Bukowski-

Today I will react in the best way by acting

Changing our way of seeing things also means changing the way we see our reactions. We react to something negative, but what if instead of reacting we acted?

We tend to stay static in situations, thinking, going crazy and sometimes exploding because we cannot do more in a situation in which we feel powerless.

Begin to act. It’s difficult, because we are very comfortable where we are, without running any risks. But in  a negative situation, change your mind and start acting. Maybe you leave where you are, letting the other person talk to themselves, turning away from those people who do not do you any good…

Remember this and repeat it many times as necessary until you can internalize it and implement it, “Today I will react in the best way, by acting”.

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Images courtesy of Terry Dodson

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