Tantra Is Transforming Ordinary Lovers into Twin Souls

Tantra Is Transforming Ordinary Lovers into Twin Souls

Last update: 28 July, 2022

Tantra is a centuries-old philosophy that comes from India. It understands our sexual energy as a powerful creative force. This potential makes it easier for us to elevate our beings to a higher level through sexuality and spiritual development.

This philosophy is based on life energy and total acceptance of life and our being. The practical methods of tantra help us to develop our conscience, increasing our physical potential thanks to the acceptance of our sensations, emotions, and desires.

Integrating the values of tantra can help us experience sexuality in a healthier and more enriching way. In this way, we would let go of all our moral judgments, fears, and blame that we have been through about how we should experience our sexuality. The underlying anxiety, which is the main cause for most of our sexual problems, would disappear.

“Tantra uses the sexual act to integrate you, but you will have to delve into yourself very meditatively, forgetting everything that you have heard about sex, what you have studied about it, what society, the Church, and religion have told you; just like your teachers, forget all of that, totally commit yourself.”



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How do we practice tantra?

Tantra is first and foremost a way of life. Recognized psychoanalysts like Jung, Reich, and Freud led the way for this philosophy to enter Western minds, through their explorations of the principles of integration between the masculine and the feminine, to arrive to psychological maturity.

Tantra can be practiced through the use of different techniques: meditation, repetition of mantras, ritual practices, invocation of deities, visualizations, fantasies, yoga, etc. All of these techniques are used to awaken our senses and obtain physical and mental stimulation.

These practices invite us to experience desire in a healthy way, because in general, we tend to fight against it due to our fears, guilt , or shame. In short, we cut off our own desire with the intent of avoiding suffering.

Tantra teaches us not to fight against our desire, to understand it as an ally in our movement, our action, and our life. Understanding that it is a vital impulse for the benefit of our own nature. Accepting sex naturally invites us to dive into our deepest sensitivity.

“Sex is only a foundation; it is not the whole temple. But if you miss the beginning, you will miss the end also.”


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Attitudes promoted by tantra

Tantra promotes the attitude of self-abandonment in the face of experience and desire, an invitation to experience pleasure without mental interferences. Without judgment or beliefs, an attitude of acceptance, a fusion and profound union of two souls.

Through the freedom from our own mental limitations, we manage to dive into the world of our senses. This lesson contributes to the solution of many sexual dysfunctions, as it promotes the following attitudes.

  • Letting go of our own restrictions from the religious, social, and moral domains, thereby favoring a freer and more open attitude with respect to sexuality.
  • Through various massages, tantra teaches us to prolong pleasure and maintain the sensation of orgasm in a continuous way to experience ecstasy.
  • Total attention: teaching us to enjoy the sense of touch by being aware of what we are experiencing, increasing sexual, bodily, and spiritual connection with the other person.
  • Its meditative practices contribute to a profound interpersonal connection of spiritual love.
  • Erotic connection is produced through our five senses, which is why it implies the totality of our being. In this way, it downplays the exclusive importance that oral contact and intercourse have in the West, thus diminishing the potential for performance anxiety.

Spiritual growth through our sexual energy

The two of us meet, rid ourselves of all mundane contamination, we come to a mystical closeness, the energy can be felt, the essence of our spirit. This is the moment of expansion and to lose all inhibition; we savor the freedom. We become tied up in one another, meeting with spiritual love, ecstasy, the origin of creation.

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If we learn to be completely present in front of our partner , we can experience the exquisiteness of each morsel. We can take in the presence of our loved one more calmly, thereby diminishing our mental agitation and anticipatory anxiety.

Through spiritual growth, we achieve better knowledge of ourselves: increasing our conscience, diminishing our fears and everything that stops us from giving ourselves up, abandoning ourselves to the experience.

“Spirit gives life meaning and allows it its fullest unfolding. But life is essential for the spirit, because its truth is nothing if it cannot live.”

-C. G. Jung-

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