Positive Words Everyone Needs to Hear

Saying positive words is important, so make it a habit; it could be the one thing you're known for. It's a great trait to be able to openly acknowledge others only because you can enrich their lives just by doing so.
Positive Words Everyone Needs to Hear

Last update: 18 June, 2020

Everyone needs affection to maintain emotional well-being and be healthy. It isn’t only good for them but for you too. However, a person must hear positive words in order to perceive the affection. As you can see, verbal acknowledgment can’t only draw smiles and nurture another but also lighten their path.

Positive words don’t have to follow a specific script, as the meaning is what really matters. What’s truly important is that you express respect, affection, and appreciation. This is because doing so greatly contributes to a person’s well-being by way of acting as an emotional nutrient. As you can imagine, these words are usually more than welcome. Continue reading to discover some of the expressions everyone needs to hear.

The importance of positive words

1. There’s nothing more positive than saying “I love you”

A sincere “I love you” is seldom superfluous. People don’t usually think they need to say it at all times because the loved ones already feel it deep inside. However, listening to it out loud is a powerful gift. It’s like a direct kiss in your heart and mind.

Discovering that someone you love loves you back boosts your self-confidence. Thus, there’s no need to be stingy with your “I love you”, especially when you truly mean it. This is a way to convey your feelings towards those you love and exalt them. What a great way to contribute to the mental strength of anyone you care about.

A couple at a party.

2. Say positive words, such as “I want you to fulfill your dreams”

It’s very gratifying when another person shows solidarity with your goals. Don’t you get sad when you feel that those you care about are indifferent to your own desires and dreams? When you feel they’re all up to you and you can’t expect support from those you love. It’s true that accomplishing your goals is up to you but feeling you have support from those you care about is priceless. It’s a loving way to imply complicity.

3. Acknowledge a person’s value by saying something like “you’re precious”

It’s always great to hear someone else say how much they appreciate your value as a human being. Obviously, the value each person places on themselves is the most important factor here. However, recognition from those you care about has its own special value.

Everyone needs to hear how precious and valuable they are but it’s more meaningful when it comes from the heart. Thus, let it come out as the expression of a sincere opinion. This is because these types of positive words help improve your relationship with yourself. It helps you realize you’re worthy and deserving of anything good that may come your way.

4. Tell them how important they are to you

Saying this is kind of usual between lovers, but not so much in non-romantic relationships. This is seldom expressed in the relationship between parents and children, between friends or colleagues. However, it’s quite powerful when you do say it.

Why not say so to all of those people who have a positive influence on your life? It isn’t only a way of recognizing the positive impact they have on you but it’s also an exercise in reflection on those who make your life more meaningful. In fact, gratitude is one of those virtues that enrich both the recipient as well as the giver.

Two people who know the importance of saying loving things.

5. Say positive words, such as “your contributions to the world are important”

Most people make positive contributions to the world. However, many of them go unnoticed. This might be because the world focuses its attention on actions that are out of the ordinary. They sort of ignore the more common gestures of help, support, and attention.

Thus, why not broaden your perspective and think about what the world and life would be like without those people who are there for you on a daily basis?

Both recognizing others, and being recognized by others, bring color and warmth to a person’s life. It’s just like self-recognition, a special moment that makes you feel better. It’s an act of justice, above all, because anything you contribute deserves recognition.

Finally, don’t be so stingy with your positive words. Surely, by simply saying them, you’ll be making someone’s life much more beautiful. Therefore, treat others as you want to be treated, starting with yourself.

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