Miracle Morning: A Routine to Help You Become More Successful

Miracle Morning: A Routine to Help You Become More Successful
Gema Sánchez Cuevas

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Last update: 21 December, 2022

Most of us want to be successful. Perhaps we want to improve our relationship with our partner. Or maybe we’d like more free time to do what we really like to do. Or our greatest wish might be to just enjoy a healthy life. Well, although there are many routines that can help us achieve these things, one of the most effective ones is the miracle morning routine. In this article, we’ll see what it consists of.

Miracle morning, also known as the SAVERS morning routine, was created by American author Hal Elrod. This writer experienced something that totally changed his life. After a car accident, his heart stopped for six minutes. Although he survived, he was in a coma for six days. His condition was so critical that the doctors thought he would never walk again.

However, Elrod recovered against all odds. From that moment on, he decided to dedicate his life to teaching others what he learned from his experience. His secret? For this author, the key to success lies in having a proper morning routine.

It's recommended to wake up one hour earlier to complete the miracle morning routine.

What is the miracle morning routine?

This system encourages personal development based on the idea that the first hours of the day are fundamental to our well-being. Thus, how we spend them will affect the rest of our day completely. For example, if we just get up and look at our messages or our email, it’s likely that it’ll be harder for us to focus on more important tasks.

On the other hand, spending the first moments of our morning thinking about our goals will help us live more fully. Therefore, the miracle morning routine is designed to make the most of these hours.

You just have to follow the SAVERS method, which is actually an acronym:

  • S is for silence.
  • A is for affirmations.
  • V is for visualization.
  • E is for exercise.
  • R is for reading.
  • S is for scribing.

According to Hal Elrod, doing these six activities as soon as you get up will totally change your life. To do so, he recommends getting up one hour earlier than usual. Of course, for many, it may be difficult to wake up any earlier. However, if you’re interested in the miracle morning routine, below you’ll find a description of each of these activities.

1. Silence

The first thing Elrod recommends as soon as you get up is to immerse yourself in a completely calm environment. Silence will allow you to orientate yourself. To do this step correctly, you have to spend your first five minutes of consciousness somewhere other than your bed. During this time, you can meditate, practice deep breathing, or reflect on what you want to achieve.

This way, instead of waking up full of worries, you’ll be laying the foundations that will help you feel good throughout the day.

The miracle morning suggests you practice meditation every day.

2. Affirmations

The second activity of the miracle morning routine should take you no more than five minutes. It’s about using affirmations to improve your self-esteem and feel good about yourself.

Affirmations are phrases that we repeat to ourselves with the intention of modifying our way of thinking. Their content is usually related to beliefs that we want to establish in our mind. For example, we can keep repeating to ourselves that we’re capable of facing a certain difficulty in our lives. If we repeat it enough, this belief will eventually sink into our subconscious.

3. Visualization

This step is widely used in some types of therapy. The idea is to imagine yourself in the future after having achieved everything you want. How do you feel? What are you doing? What steps did you take to get there?

To visualize correctly, you must generate images that motivate you. However, they also have to be believable scenes. If you imagine something too complex, your brain will reject it. In fact, this can have the opposite effect and make you feel bad. However, if you do it right, visualizing for five minutes can transform your life.

4. Exercise

If you could only do one activity that the miracle morning routine proposes, it should definitely be this one. Practicing a sport has many benefits for your physical and mental health.

A woman jogging.

Most people say they don’t exercise due to lack of time. This excuse is reasonable if you need to sign up for a gym, run an hour on the treadmill, and hit the weights. However, there are many other options. Instead of feeling like a hamster stuck on a wheel, why don’t you do yoga at home by following some video tutorials? If you like intense sports more, you can always look for an intense workout routine to exercise your muscles at home.

5. Reading

Reading is one of the healthiest habits for our mind. For example, a study indicates that most CEOs of large international corporations read an average of 50 books a year. Although you don’t have to go to this extreme, incorporating this habit into your morning routine can do wonders for you.

The author of The Miracle Morning: The 6 Habits That Will Transform Your Life Before 8 AM recommends reading about 20 minutes per day. Elrod calculates that you can read about 10 pages in that time. It may not seem like much, but if you do it every day, after a year you’ll have read about 18 200-page books.

It’s also important to choose what to read wisely. If possible, choose something that inspires you and nurtures a positive attitude. This way, you’ll feel a lot more motivated throughout the day.

6. Scribing

Finally, Elrod recommends dedicating the last five minutes of your morning routine to writing down your thoughts in a personal diary. You can pour your ideas, concerns, and dreams into it. In addition, you can use it to evaluate your progress in different areas of your life.

A man writing.

Writing in a journal is something that we’ve all thought about doing at least once. However, few people actually do it. If you try it, you’ll notice that you’ll become more focused on what you really want. Additionally, it can help you remember both the good and bad things you’ve experienced.

Starting your day on the right foot creates positive inertia for the rest of the day. In this article, you learned about the miracle morning, which proposes six activities to add to your morning routine. The important thing now is to take the first step. What are you going to start doing? Which of the steps catches your attention the most?

This text is provided for informational purposes only and does not replace consultation with a professional. If in doubt, consult your specialist.