Those Who Have Magic Need No Tricks

Those Who Have Magic Need No Tricks

Last update: 29 May, 2017

The more people we know, the more aware we are that those who know how to carry their “genius” inside them don’t need anything else to reach others. John Lennon had magic in everything he did; Dalí didn’t need a single trick to paint whatever he wanted, and Charles Chaplin didn’t even have to speak to conquer half the world.

The best way we can make ourselves known is to understand who we are and to show ourselves exactly like that: without filters, with no masks, with no superficiality. Because those who have magic, need no tricks.

Be natural, neither perfect nor imperfect

The other day I was reading a social network post by Michelle Jenner  about the supposed perfection that is unconsciously required of us and that we often require of ourselves as well. We wax, we try on clothes for hours, we put on make up and we look at ourselves 100 times in the mirror. It’s as if we’re trying to look for what really we are not.

“Honesty and integrity are absolutely essential for success. The good news is that anyone can develop both honesty and integrity.”

-Zig Ziglar


We then go out into the street and think that what’s important is what others see in us. So we make an effort to ‘live up to that.” However, we are neither imperfect nor perfect: our essence is what connects us to others.

For that reason, spontaneity and honesty are the behaviors that will make us enjoy the most of what we are experiencing and help us have deeper and longer lasting relationships. Defects will soon be uncovered and that’s why it is better to love them from the beginning.

She is crazy, but she’s magical

You must have heard that phrase before and what perhaps you didn’t know is what Bukowski, another genius, said. There is no lie in her fire, he added. What he meant was what we already mentioned before: the people who give themselves to others, without thinking about the way in which they do it, are genuine and we like them.

Bukowski’s ‘madwoman’ is the one who gives herself faithfully and without distortions of any kind. It is the one who understands she will find the truest results of her life in the simplicity of the one who knows what they feel and how they want to feel it.

In that sense, why do we like children’s spontaneity? Because they are able to put their heart and soul into everything they do, they normally build friendships without prejudice, are innocent, and are more often surprised than adults. Additionally, they don’t understand the sense of ridicule and above all, they are sincere.

“We are all travelers in the wilderness of this world, and the best we can find in our travels is an honest friend.”

-Robert Louis Stevenson-

There are those who can make magic, even though they never know it

When Vanesa Martín mentioned this at one of her concerts I remembered those friends who do everything so that we grow as individuals and are never paralyzed. At that moment I thought of times when others save us without being aware of how important what they are doing for us is.


The simplicity and magic of those who give what they have without looking for anything in return is what really deserves to be kept close, more than fake appearances which are synonyms of failure. At some point we have all discovered something about an important person that completely surprised us.

Because of all these reasons it is rewarding that we surround ourselves by others who know they can be magical and they are; those who don’t need any tricks to show their face to the world. In this way, it’s not by chance they say that the best part of friendship is not knowing who is lucky to know whom and this can only happen through sincerity.


“I saw you do those simple things  you do  so that the world will come to its senses;  and I didn’t know who to thank.”

-Karmelo Iribarren-



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