Living the Single Life Happily

Living the Single Life Happily

Last update: 21 February, 2016

I never found that person who turned my world around and who made me think that it was worth it to walk the path of life together. I never found them, nor did I really look… I always thought that things just happen and that’s it…

I realize that there were attempts… but they faded like columns of smoke. Now, I live my single life with happiness.

Is anyone to blame for this? Can we even apply that terrible word ‘blame’ to this situation?

In these cases, with these kinds of things, maybe there is no guilty party. Life just goes that way. But I am happy; I have a thousand projects to do with myself, countless things left to do in my life. I have my friends, who are people who truly love and appreciate me.

“It is better to be unhappy alone than unhappy with someone.” 

-Marilyn Monroe- 

girl with her face in the wind single

Although at this point in my life, I have seen how almost everyone in my social circle has found love, and some of them have even maintained a relationship despite years passing, a difficult routine, and various differences…

Regardless, I move forward, sometimes even being held back by others. In the end though, that is their problem, not mine.

I feel so fulfilled with myself that now I don’t go out looking for someone else like I did when I was young. 

I could even write a pretty entertaining book about my adventures, and misadventures. All of my attempts, some intentional, some spontaneous… but all driven by the same illusion. The illusion that maybe, just maybe, this time, this person, will be it. This person might be the love of my life, the person who will change everything.

Many times, I have even felt pressured by society, and how society sees the ideal lifestyle as that of a couple; the expectation that to be in a relationship is what is “normal,” and that after a certain age, that is the way everyone should be.

But at this point, I have to ask myself, ‘what is normal?’. Well, surely, it must be what is conventional, and what is established in a given society. But me, I have never really cared about that. I don’t care about what others may think or may say behind my back.

For me, what truly interests me is my own happiness, whether or not it is alone or accompanied. In the end, my happiness is what matters. Not in vane, it is said that ‘It is better the be alone than in bad company. But better accompanied if the company deserves it.’

So, this is where I am. I am enjoying my life as it is, and for what it is. I laugh with my friends, I soak up the sun, the sea, and how fortunate I am that I wake up every day and realize that I can see, hear, feel, fight, and have fun.”

girl jumping on beach in sunset single

Live single, happily, and forget the stereotypes 

  • Enjoy what you have. Whether or not you are single because of a breakup, or single just because you are single, have you noticed that sometimes it doesn’t matter what you have or don’t have? If you are unhappy, you are unhappy. Reflect on your situation and learn how to be happy with yourself. 
  • Forget the old social standards. Life is not how it once was. There are countless ways to live it. Single, married, couples who just live together, couples who are separated…The important thing is that you are happy with what you have, whatever it may be. 
  • Don’t idealize the situations of others, nor belittle them to make yourself feel better. 
  • Don’t obsess. Have you ever stopped to think about all the amazing things you are missing out on while you are spending hours obsessing over the fact that you don’t have a significant other? Forget about it! The only person who will always be by your side is you. So, why don’t you start enjoying yourself?
  • Choose special people to be part of your life. There are people you encounter as you go through life with whom you will feel a special affinity. There are friends and family members with whom you will walk through life who truly love you and contribute to your life in a positive way. Don’t let this group of special people escape you. 

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