The Law of Attraction: Does It Really Exist?

The Law of Attraction: Does It Really Exist?

Last update: 28 July, 2022

The law of attraction. You may very well have heard about it. We are not talking about the psychology of attraction focusing on romantic relationships, but rather about another focus of the field of personal development that has had a lot of success in recent years.

Thinking, for example, that luck is going to accompany us in our undertakings. Having an intense desire for something, full of optimism and confidence, hoping that in that way, all of those desired goals will be fulfilled. These ideas, expressed in the simplest way possible, would give form to the well-known concept of the “law of attraction,” according to which certain energy waves have an influence for our own benefit.

“We are what we think,” this law tells us. We develop a mental state through fine, harmonious vibrations caused by our own thoughts. They are both the cause and the means by which we obtain things.

Is this possible? And furthermore, is it really trustworthy? Given its relevance, particularly in personal development disciplines, it is worth talking a bit about this in an objective manner.

The basis of the “law of attraction” 

The “law of attraction” is not a new concept. It finds its roots in classic theosophy and in the “new age” movement, which believes in fields of energy and those forces that weave together the universe.

We also cannot forget “positive thought,” that well-known – and sold – theory of motivating us, capable of bringing us that much-needed energy and confidence in ourselves. At the same time, the “law of attraction” also has dimensions that are very acceptable in different psychological disciplines that you surely know already:

  • Cognitive theory: an ideal perspective for the field of learning where cognition of the different mental processes like perception and memory can help us acquire knowledge and effect changes. Let’s think, for example, about those people who are trying to stop smoking. By visualizing themselves starting the day without that much-needed cigarette, they can induce a change. In other words, here, the thought helps us obtain goals, as is indicated by the law of attraction.
  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy: the interesting thing about this psychological tendency is that it teaches us that our thoughts are the origins of our emotions and behaviors. Never the other way around. In other words, we control the emotional field by changing our thoughts. If I think about setting aside my problems, being firm about obtaining said goal, in the end, that thought will orient my ability to achieve it.
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Alternative to the law of attraction: action

The only objective critique that we can make of the law of attraction is that it is based too much on the field of energy and the essential idea that in order to obtain something, we have to “ask for it.” Be this asking the universe or that greater or invisible force that is supposedly suspended around us and that is also connected to us. There is of course value to that, showing an attitude of enthusiasm, positivity, and gratitude.

But as we already know, it is not enough just to ask. It does not do much for us to ask humbly for those goals in our life if we do not put in our own effort . It will always be proper and necessary to keep a positive attitude, of course, but that positivity must be reasonable and logical. The solutions in our life do not happen just by thinking, wanting, and hoping.

We will accept the law of attraction as that first stimulus for a change of attitude. Thinking that I want something, understanding that I must make a change and that, logically, I must make an effort to achieve it, so we need to complement it with the “law of action.” Once you have opened your eyes and your hopes, it will jumpstart the motor of change.

Do not just think that the energies are going to act on their own to give you what you want. Add your own means, strategies, build your own path day by day and understand that every achievement has behind it a great force of our own. The kind that makes us feel proud of ourselves.

The law of attraction is a good motivational concept, but it is always good to see things objectively, keeping in mind that nowadays, many self-help books are sold with the “concept of positive thoughts.” Always be confident in yourself, but push your thoughts and your actions to build that path that you desire.

The one that makes you happy and that is worth fighting for.

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