If You Don't Wake Me Up, I Owe This Dream to You

If You Don't Wake Me Up, I Owe This Dream to You

Last update: 10 March, 2018

In your hands you hold the fate of this dream. All I ask is that you help me keep it alive. For you are its creator; it is you who is responsible for the existence of this parallel universe that makes me so happy. You are genuine and true, and together we make this dream real.

Right now, I’d like nothing more than to live in this dream forever and never wake up. Here, I have all I could want, everything I need, and more than I could ever hope for.

Thank you for making it like this

This dream came out of nowhere, like it was waiting just out of reach, waiting for us to find it and begin creating it. This vision has been growing right before our eager eyes, keen on creating a future together.

A future where each of us have a voice and a vote, but — above all — a future full of shared dreams and strong links between us that will carry us through when the clouds thicken and things get hard.

You arrive, and you don’t promise to stay. But stay, you do.

I arrive, and I don’t promise to stay. But stay, I do.

~Sara Bueno

We’ve taken each other by the hand, and together, lifted them up little by little. Despite our fears, you’ve taken the time to break down all my walls. Best of all, you’ve made me a believer once again.

A dreamworld with a  flower.

So, thank you. Thank you for the life you’ve breathed into my days. Thank you for understanding the skeletons in my closet and not wanting to destroy them.  For taking the debris and shaping it into a new home where there will always be something new and — surprisingly — enchanting.

Stay… I don’t want you to leave

This dream is unique because it belongs to us. If there ever comes a time when you leave, it won’t make sense anymore. Please, keep surprising me, guiding me, undressing me. Never stop getting to know me and loving each new side of me you discover. Let’s keep discovering each other.

Don’t leave now

stay, and destroy my walls,

throw away my doubts, the damage done by others,

give up the house,

my heart.


Stay for who I am, but, as Garcia Marquez would say, also for who I am when you’re with me. And especially stay because there’s still so much for us to feel in our little moldable world. Keeping our world going depends on the two of us; here we have a special language, a code that only you and I understand.

Even though we’ve created this world so effortlessly — so naturally — that doesn’t mean that our inertia will hold forever. When you have something, when you feel like you’re a part of something you love, there’s always a shadow of the fear that you’ll lose it.

A drawing of a magical moment between a couple.

You know, when we miss our first flight, set out on a long trip together, adopt a pet, spend the holidays together, even when stress and illness come… we have to keep thinking about each other with love and without selfishness.

It’s more than a dream… it’s my world

This dream is reinforced by the things we do, just by making each other feel loved. And now, it’s turned into more than a dream; it’s my imperfect world, free and spontaneous, where I grow so much.


You surround me, protecting my truths

making my holes less empty

building a bridge that saves me

that saves you

that brings us together.


It is in this very moment and this very place that I want to be. Not only because of what you’ve done, but also because of what you’ve done for me. Because in this dream we look at each other and we truly see the other. Because here we have trust, companionship, and self-love.

Never forget this. It’s so important. Reflect on good memories, things you’ve learned, and beautiful moments. And if you don’t wake me up from this dream, I owe it all to you.

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