Good Things Take Time; What Comes Easy Goes Away Easily

Good Things Take Time; What Comes Easy Goes Away Easily

Last update: 05 May, 2022

It is often said that the secret of success is knowing how to wait for the reward. While that is sometimes true, good things come to us almost suddenly and without us planning it. We understand that our success does not always depend on luck, but rather on our efforts.

Being prepared is always important. Knowing to seize the moment is even more so, but our true virtue is in knowing to wait for all the good that we will ultimately achieve through hard work.

We all know it is not easy to trust that our dreams and aspirations can come true. But we must be clear that factors such as a positive and realistic attitude, coupled with appropriate coping strategies can do a lot for us. We invite you to reflect on it.

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The art of waiting

We spend much of our time waiting, forming lines, waiting for our trains to arrive and getting frustrated because opportunities aren’t knocking on our door. The art of waiting actually holds a secret: we can build our reality while waiting. 

It was in the 60s when the psychologist Walter Mischel of Stanford University conducted an interesting task with which he tried to discover what skills are often associated with the achievement of goals and, consequently, with success.

The essential idea of Mischel’s study was to isolate those basic strategies in order to train them and empower them from childhood. To do this, he drew up the following experiment:

  • He seated a group of 4 year-old children at a table in front of a jar of candy. The psychologists said that if they waited 20 minutes, an adult would bring a much greater reward.
  • Only one in three children could stand the wait and, in turn, found another relationship: these same students were more successful academically.
  • Aspects such as the ability to achieve, frustration tolerance, emotional control, motivation and the ability to not give in to the “imminent hunger”, was what determined the success in these children. They are dimensions that we can recognize in adulthood also.

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Good things require effort, dedication and passion

“Easy come, easy go.” We are confident you are familiar with this phrase. Sometimes, when we meet someone who seeks only momentary satisfaction this will be very fragile, selfish and disinterested relationship and we end up injured or even hopeless.

What’s really worthwhile takes effort, courage and commitment. We must travel our roads with self-love and enthusiasm for this all this waiting to end up achieving the goal: happiness.

If something good takes a while to arrive, we should not become hopeless because the same process of daily struggle can certainly enrich us through new roles and abilities that will allow us to discover ourselves.

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So, if the process of waiting is an opportunity to cope with the process and achieve our goal, it is important to reflect on the following aspects:

  • The need to “solidify” self-love. If in your relationships you feel that same fragility exists, remember that only strong self-esteem will face the fierce individualism that sometimes surrounds us.
  • Don’t just “connect” with your reality, you must “interact” with it. Do not be a passive agent, your reality happens at every moment and in it multiple opportunities open up. Do not simply connect to find a timely and fleeting satisfaction, you need to commit and invest time, effort and hope.
  • The importance of freedom and security. You are free to choose the path you want to take. No one should decide for you, nor do you have the obligation to receive outside recognition to know what you’re worth. Good things will come if you advance safely while knowing your values, your limitations and your strengths.
  • Learn to accept uncertainty. We need to tolerate frustration and know how to resist immediate gratification, and we also need to understand that life is uncertainty. No one can predict what will happen tomorrow or if our projects will be successful.

It is always better to anticipate without exaggeration and accept that we have no absolute control over the things around us. Accepting uncertainty is not surrendering, but looking at what we can really change within our area of action to get what we want.

Do not get tired of waiting, everything worthwhile takes patience, enthusiasm and a fighting attitude.

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