Generation Z Aren't Afraid to Identify as LGBT

Generation Z is the one that's dedicated itself the most to breaking taboos. Indeed, these young people recognize their sexual orientations without any fear.
Generation Z Aren't Afraid to Identify as LGBT

Last update: 06 January, 2022

Today, sexual orientation is increasingly being expressed in a more open way. In fact, it’s Generation Z, those people who were born between the late 1990s and 2010, who recognize sexual diversity the most.

A poll conducted by Gallup in 2020 showed that one in six Americans who are part of Generation Z recognize themselves as LGBT. As a result, the percentage of non-heterosexual adults rose to 5.6 percent in the USA.

In addition, this study, which was conducted with 15 thousand people, served to demonstrate that acceptance is more frequent among young people. As a matter of fact, in this generation, 16 percent claimed to be LGBT. However, the figure decreased to 9.1 percent among millennials and barely reached two percent in the older generations.

In addition, a survey conducted by Ipsos Mori this year with 1,005 seniors from the United States, Hawaii, and Alaska, reached similar conclusions. In this survey, it was perceived that the percentage of heterosexuals in generation Z is 52 percent, while in baby boomers it reaches 84 percent.

Feet depicting what direction they should go in regarding gender identity.

Bisexuality is the predominant condition

The Gallup poll also showed that the category of bisexual people is the largest of all LGBT people. Indeed, 54 percent of the individuals acknowledged that they identified with that option.

The younger generation is also the one with the most incidences of bisexuality. In fact, 72 percent of Generation Z who said they were LGBT, claimed they were actually bisexual. Furthermore, one of the latest Ipsos studies reinforces the idea, since it found that young people of Generation Z tend to know more bisexual or transgender people than other groups.

A person proud of their LGBT flag.

The importance of recognizing identities without fear

The freedom to openly express different ways of loving brings multiple benefits. One of them is at the mental health level since young people no longer tend to hide what they feel. In addition, they’re generally able to converse with their parents about the subject and to find support.

Furthermore, a large number of events have emerged that focus on promoting equality and respect. Because of this, over recent years, bullying and taboos have been reduced.

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