Find What You Love and Let It Take Over

Find What You Love and Let It Take Over

Last update: 10 June, 2016

Finding what you love in life goes far beyond understanding through reason. Here, I invite you to feel what you feel, what you live, and what you experience.

Overthinking can turn all that is beautiful and sublime into a problem. We complicate our existence through trying to control and give meaning to everything. We seek out convenience, comfort, security, and stability. We lose ourselves in this meaningless search that does not allow us to see or to accept life as it truly is.

We live with the fear of losing what we believe is ours. We live in fear, thinking that we can somehow avoid pain and not feel old wounds. We live with the hope that we can escape suffering when the only thing we are actually fleeing from is ourselves.

“I realize that if I were stable, prudent, and consistent, I would live in death. Therefore, I accept confusion, uncertainty, fear, and emotional ups and downs, because that is the price I am willing to pay for a fluid, perplex, and exciting life.”

-C. Rogers-

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Life is a gift

What we love can be found anywhere. We do not have to go out searching for it. Love arises when we have the courage to admire things simply as they are, without constantly trying to find an explanation for everything.

We are able to be astonished by and admire beauty in other people, in art, nature, ideas, attitudes, aromas, flavors, embraces, and words… To contemplate and feel beauty means to calm our mind and open up our senses. We find that we can experience through our senses and not through our reasoning.

Fearsbeliefs, demands, uncertainty, expectations… We are weighed down with all of it. Only if we learn how to calm the mind and let our feelings lead us, without any fear, will we be able to truly realize the beauty that exists in the world. Finding what we love can turn out to be much simpler that we ever imagined.

“When we looking towards the future, we  will find that the true obstacles of peace are willpower and human emotions, human convictions, prejudices, and opinions. If we want to free ourselves from war, we will first have to free ourselves from all of its psychological causes.” 

-Aldous Huxley-

Experiencing passion for what you love

In our lives, we all experience innocent beauty. As children, we were the keepers of the most precious secrets of existence: the ability to be amazed, to admire everything around us, to find endless enthusiasm for exploring and experimenting, and to know how to observe without intervening.

In our adult lives, there are many mental barriers that we have built over time, and we find many obstacles, some self-imposed, on the path to discovering what we love. 

“In passion, there is no demand. Therefore, there is no struggle. In passion, there is no such thing as a minor intention. Therefore, there is no frustration nor pain of any kind. Passion is liberty of “I”…as a consequence, passion is the essence of life. Passion is that thing that lives and moves us, but if the thought intervenes with problems of success and possession, then passion ceases to be.”


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Love is a form of being

Love is a form of being, it is what has been learned through experiencing, it is how we relate to the world, it is the attitude we have towards life. It is the trajectory we have followed, and our personal growth. It is what allows us to find what we love. When we find ourselves with overflowing energy, we find passion that is satisfying and fills us completely.

Having passion for what we do fills our everyday life with love. It is the passion with which we relate to ourselves and to others. Passion for life is a state in which we feel full happiness and ecstasy in every moment.

So, find what you love, and let it take over. Immerse yourself in it and let yourself truly feel the essence of it. 

It is worth it to experience that passion for life, although it may only be for a few moments. To observe the beauty of things without comparing them to anything else, without intervening, and without the necessity to give an explanation or a name. Simply observing, admiring, enjoying, and loving.

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