Everyday Carry as a Path to Self-Empowerment

By carefully selecting your daily baggage and adopting a mindful mindset toward preparedness, you can increase your emotional well-being and develop greater resilience.
Everyday Carry as a Path to Self-Empowerment

Last update: 29 August, 2023

In the constant search for well-being and personal growth, the concept of everyday carry (EDC) has gained great prominence. And beyond a simple trend or fashion, it’s a powerful tool to promote self-empowerment. Taking control of your decisions and having the necessary things you carry on a daily basis within reach can help you achieve self-fulfillment.

Carefully selecting EDC items can boost your mental health and give you the peace of mind that you have everything you need to deal with everyday situations. From going out with your wallet and cell phone to carrying perfume or a personal item, having an everyday carry kit can give you more confidence and help you lead a balanced life.

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What is everyday carry (EDC)?

The EDC meaning comes from the culture of preparedness and refers to the practice of carrying a selection of essential and useful items that may be needed in everyday situations. This practice has gained popularity not only among survival enthusiasts but also among people aware of the importance of being ready to face unexpected challenges.

These items are carefully chosen and organized to be readily available at all times. But everyday carry isn’t just about carrying a backpack full of survival supplies, but rather about optimizing and customizing the load so that it’s comfortable and practical on a daily basis.

“EDC items vary according to individual needs and preferences but typically include technological devices, personal care items, multifunctional tools, and first aid items, among others.”

The planning and selection of EDC elements require thinking about the needs and challenges that may arise on a day-to-day basis. This process fosters the development of problem-solving skills and the ability to make informed and adaptive decisions in different situations.

Personal items, including a wallet, cell phone, pen, watch, keys, notepad, mini flashlight, and pocket knife neatly arranged to make a square on a wooden surface.
Make sure you take with you what you need in order to feel calm and in control.

EDC can have a significant impact on people’s emotional well-being due to its ability to provide a sense of security, control, and confidence in everyday situations. This mindful personal preparation can positively influence the following aspects related to mental health.

1. Reduced stress and anxiety

By having essentials on hand to deal with unforeseen situations or emergencies, people who practice EDC can feel more prepared and confident. This reduces uncertainty and a sense of vulnerability in the face of the unknown, which in turn reduces anxiety and stress levels associated with the unexpected.

Each person has their own unique items, but they usually highlight a cell phone, wallet, keyring, knife, flashlight, watch, pen, lighter, and portable charger. Although they may also carry things like medicines, mirrors, essential oils, or a personal item that provides security and peace of mind.

2. Feelings of safety and security

Some common items in EDC, such as a flashlight, utility knife, first aid kit, or communication devices, can provide a sense of support and protection in times of need. This is something that boosts self-confidence.

In the case of a person who often suffers from anxiety attacks and uses aromatherapy to help them calm down, always carrying essential oils can give them peace of mind and a sense of control. Research published in the journal Explore suggested that inhaling lavender and chamomile essential oil can help reduce anxiety, depression, and stress in people.

3. Building resilience

A hand squeezing a stressball.
Trying to carry an anti-stress ball at all times can be of great benefit to some people.

Preparedness through EDC can help develop emotional resilience, i.e., the ability to bounce back quickly from stressful or traumatic situations. Having resources on hand to cope with unexpected difficult episodes can make it easier to overcome adversity and adapt to unexpected changes.

For example, a Comprehensive Nursing Journal study reported that people suffering from chronic kidney disease and undergoing hemodialysis treatment may experience stress and anxiety, so carrying an anti-stress ball in their daily bag can be a great help in reducing the mental and emotional impact.

Carefully select your EDC elements to promote self-empowerment

In conclusion, everyday carry (EDC) isn’t just a trend or fad, but a powerful tool for increasing emotional well-being and mental health. So, remember that careful selection of everyday carry items can make a significant difference in how you face everyday challenges and how you feel in control of your life.

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