Eight Traits of Immature People

We all know that relating to immature people is complicated. In this article, we'll show you some of their most marked personality traits to help you understand them better.
Eight Traits of Immature People

Last update: 11 June, 2020

Immature people are characterized by carrying with them certain childhood desires and fantasies. This is why a lack of emotional regulation and egocentrism are two of their most characteristic features.

Impulsiveness and lack of empathy also characterize immature people. They usually do things on a whim and avoid situations that may be unpleasant or boring, to a greater or lesser extent. They even tend to impose and demand others to think just like them.

Now, it’s also important to mention that despite showing emotional immaturity in most cases, they aren’t always like that. According to the situation, some traits stand out more than others. Below, discover eight traits of immature people.

1. Lack of Empathy

Immature people usually have a hard time putting themselves in the place of others. In fact, the thought of it may not even cross the minds of many of them. They’re just so used to thinking about themselves that, in order to empathize with others, they need to do a whole exercise of reflection in order to tone down their egocentricity.

Due to their lack of empathy, they think that there’s only one way to see the world, which is theirs. As a consequence, they’ll reject any opinion or thought different from their own.

2. Lack of Introspection

It’s quite rare for immature people to spend time on self-reflection. Actually, they can spend their lives ignoring the possibility of taking a look inside themselves and learning from their mistakes. Because of this, they’re usually unaware of what their deepest needs, goals, and dreams are.

A man in glasses thinking about immature people.

3. Impulsiveness: One of the Greatest Traits of Immature People

Impulsiveness is one of the main characteristics of immature people. Most of the time, these individuals don’t think about regulating their actions or emotions and don’t ever think about the short or long-term consequences of their actions. Needless to say, emotional intelligence is out of the picture in their case.

Oftentimes, this characteristic leads to issues with those around them, both on a personal and work level. And not only that, but this can also result in other kinds of problems, such as resource and money management. In other words, they may embark on shopping sprees that they simply can’t afford. However, due to their lack of self-knowledge and observation, they can’t seem to realize how problematic this action can be. Therefore, they often live in debt.

4. The Tendency to Blame Others

One of the most common characteristics of immature people is the tendency to blame other people for what occurs to them. This is due to their belief that they do everything right and are exempt from making mistakes.

These types of people don’t take responsibility for anything they do, think, or feel. Instead, they choose to adopt a victim mentality whenever it’s convenient.

5. Egocentrism

Immature people tend to think only of themselves. Therefore, they oftentimes believe that every single person around them is interested in getting to know them or being like them.

They consider themselves utterly special beings. They’re arrogant and feel infallible. However, despite seeming to be confident people with high self-esteem, deep down they’re very, very insecure. This is why they constantly need to be admired by others.

6. Rituals and Whims

Immature people love feeling pleasure, as do the rest of us. However, they chase pleasure to the point where it gets unhealthy. Consequently, they get carried away and make bad decisions just for fun.

Curiously enough, their whims usually manifest in a ritualized and prioritized manner, as opposed to what happens with their impulsive actions. Therefore, an immature person may be late for an appointment because they were watching their favorite TV series or because they were more interested in choosing a good-looking outfit than being on time.

A woman looking out the window at an airport.

7. Give Great Importance to Their Public Image

As mentioned above, immature people have low self-esteem, so they’re always in constant need for attention and reassurance. Consequently, they often worry too much about situations that may negatively affect their public image. That’s why they go to certain places and undertake big projects in order to improve their popularity.

As a rule, these people not only want but need the approval of others. Being admired by those around them gives them great pleasure.

8. Aversion to Boredom

Since immature people tend to seek their own pleasure and well-being, they also try to avoid situations in which they’re unable to find those types of sensations, such as when they experience boredom or discomfort.

Now, it’s vital to mention that in order to overcome boredom, they’re willing to go the extra mile and do crazy things just for the thrill of it. Remember that they don’t really think about the consequences of their actions, so their impulsiveness plays a really big part in their keenness to seek excitement.

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