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Gonzalo Blanco Sardina


Journalist specialized in creative writing and audiovisual narrative. He has extensive experience in digital media writing articles on music, video games, and sports. He also has experience in areas such as SEO positioning, use of marketing tools, and editing programs.

About the author

Graduated in Journalism from the Complutense University of Madrid (2015). He has a Master's Degree in Creative Writing from the same university (2016) and a Master's Degree in Script and Audiovisual Narrative from the production company Mediapro (2020). He has also participated in various courses on digital marketing and commercial speech, as well as in various workshops at the Madrid School of Writers.

He collaborates in publications such as the magazine Muy Interesante and Guia Repsol. He has also written about football, video games, and music in VAVEL, The Gamer eSports, and HeavyRock magazine. His experience has primarily focused on digital media, although he has also collaborated with traditional media as well.

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