How to Activate Our Alpha Brain Waves

March 5, 2020

The electric impulses which the brain emits and which travel through our neurons are what we call our brain waves. We have four different kinds of brain waves. Those electric impulses that flow through our neurons serve to perform specific functions. Thanks to electroencephalograms, also called EEGs, scientists have been able to study in depth the effects that these waves have on us.

How are these four waves produced?

  • Alpha waves. These are the waves of relaxation. These are the types of waves that activate right before one fall asleep, when we are resting, spending an afternoon laying out in the sun or when we feel the sensation we experience right before stepping into a soothing warm bath.
  • Beta waves. This kind of wave is the opposite to the previous one. These are the fastest kinds of waves and they are produced when we work at a light rhythm, when were stressed, when we hear a loud noise or when we are studying. They represent an intense activity taking place within the brain. For example, people with anxiety tend to produce many Beta waves.
  • Theta waves. They are responsible for that sensation of “having your head in the clouds” or “walking on air”. They also produce relaxation and let our creative ideas flow. They lead us to a kind of state of drowsiness.
  • Delta waves. This type of wave is produced during deep sleep.

The four types waves are present at all times although one type of wave might predominate over another at any given time. There are studies that prove that we can contribute to the generation of our alpha waves, which produce relaxation. In this day and age where we all find ourselves stressed, nervous, and overwhelmed in cities filled with noise, surrounded by beeping horns, etc, we can activate our alpha waves through simple actions.

Alpha waves help us concentrate, to see our objectives more clearly. They calm us down and help us feel less afraid. They improve our memory, help us lose weight and quit smoking and strengthen our immune system.

Up next we offer you a list of the things you can do to favor your alpha waves:

  1. Slowly count backwards from 100.
  2. Sit or lie down on you bed, close your eyes and concentrate on your breathing. Breath in deeply.
  3. Listen to relaxing music.Though you may be working, try to offset your Beta waves with Alpha waves by listening to music while you work.

And what is the Silva method? Its a method created by Jose Silva to improve our IQ through a state of deep relaxation which generates Alpha waves. Numerous scientific studies support this method.