Sixteen 80s Movies for Children to Enjoy Today

In this article, we're going to give you a list of various films from the 80s for children that you can still enjoy together as a family.
Sixteen 80s Movies for Children to Enjoy Today

Last update: 29 August, 2023

Our children, thanks to their innocence and taste for discovery, won’t notice the rudimentary special effects of these 80s movies and will be unable to distinguish between them and those made today. However, they’ll understand the stories and the comedic content which will provide them with endless fun and enjoyment.

Indeed, there are certain 80s movies for children that can continue to be enjoyed by our little ones today. Our particular compilation of movies is interesting because of the enjoyment they provide, as well as the values they transmit.

80s movies for kids

As there are many worthwhile 80’s movies for kids and our time and space is limited, we’ll only briefly mention each one. But, have no doubt that they’re worth watching for their enjoyment value, interesting values and, above all, because you probably enjoyed them in your childhood. Now, you can enjoy them again with your own little ones.

Adventures in Babysitting

A 1987 comedy movie directed by comedy stuntman, Chris Columbus. An entertaining story in which the protagonist, Elisabeth Shue, has a spectacular adventure in the city while babysitting.


In 1988, Penny Marshall directed one of the most famous movies of the 1980s, Big. In this film, the character played by Tom Hanks, wishing to be older, suddenly finds himself in an adult body but with the mentality of a preteen.


If you like comedy with horror overtones, this Tim Burton masterpiece directed in 1988 turns into a hilarious shambles full of ghosts, incredible plots, and surprises at every turn.

“You know what they say about people who commit suicide? In the afterlife they become civil servants.”

-Quote from Beetlejuice

Honey, I Shrunk the Kids

An unassuming 1989 movie directed by Joe Johnston. A fun comedy for all members of the family in which the humor of the great Rick Moranis stands out.


A 1984 classic directed by Ivan Reitman that’s stood the test of time extremely well. It includes comedy greats like Bill Murray and Dan Aykroyd in the cast and is perfect for having a good time with the family.

There was also a sequel and there are currently two remakes, one of them with women as the protagonists.

Short Circuit

An emotional 1986 movie directed by John Badham in which a robot develops a life of its own. When you watch it with your children, you’ll recapture the joy that you experienced as a child when you watched the little robot’s adventures.

The Dark Crystal

The famous Henson factory, creators of the popular Muppets, made an entire animated magical and fantastic universe in 1982 with this absorbing movie.

Stand by Me

Rob Reiner’s film directed in 1986 is a coming-of-age movie. It tells the story and adventures of four friends in a rural setting looking for a missing child.


After The Dark Crystal, the Henson factory directed this beautiful puppet movie starring David Bowie, one of the few real-life characters to act in it.


A funny 1987 movie directed by Joe Dante. It’s a slightly crazy comedy that tells of the adventures of a scientist introduced into the bloodstream of a human by mistake.

Young Sherlock Holmes

Barry Levinson directed this 1985 movie in which he narrates the first adventures of a young Sherlock Holmes together with his inseparable friend, James Watson.

 ET the Extra-Terrestrial

A unique and unrepeatable classic directed by Steven Spielberg in 1982. It’s gone down in history as one of the most beautiful stories of understanding, empathy, and friendship.


Directed by Joe Dante in 1984, this is a funny movie about evil beings that invade a town, seen from a comic point of view. There was a sequel in 1990.

The Karate Kid

Focused on children and young people, this 1984 movie directed by John G. Avildsen is fun and shows a beautiful way to understand martial arts and its benefits.

The Neverending Story

This is a really enjoyable adaptation of Michael Ende’s work that was brought to the big screen in 1984 by Wolfgang Petersen. It leads the child into the fields of imagination and magic.

The Goonies

This is a beautiful story of adventure and friendship between children. It was directed in 1985 by Richard Donner and has become a classic in the history of cinema.

In conclusion, we’re aware that this list of 80s movies for children is by no means conclusive, but we have no room for more. However, there’s no doubt that there are plenty more available.

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