7 Quotes About Love to Reflect On

7 Quotes About Love to Reflect On
Valeria Sabater

Written and verified by the psychologist Valeria Sabater.

Last update: 15 November, 2021

There are many quotes about love out there, but not all of them teach us and make us think. Neruda said that love is born from memory, lives from intelligence and dies from oblivion…

Let’s appreciate, therefore, the little lessons that encourage us to build mature, wise relationships, where we can understand that in passion there is no room for pain, that love is freedom…

Since loving is one of the deepest and most powerful emotions a human being can have, it is worth doing well. It is worth separating the artificial from the essential. To put aside ideas that for so long have been tarnishing the concept of love .

We have misrepresented love with sayings like, “if someone really loves you they will never make you cry.” They are misleading.

As Albert Camus said, “Not being loved is a simple misfortune; the true disgrace is to not love.” So, let’s do it well.

Let’s put into practice the wiser, brighter side of relationships in order to get happiness and growth, commitment and attention.

A common path through which we can walk hand-in-hand, yet still knowing we are free at the same time. And knowing we are strong enough to move forward in both our individual life and shared life.


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The best quotes about love to reflect on

Quotes about love abound in the world of poetry and  the universe of fiction. Great writers, as well as philosophers and thinkers, have always given us wonderful words that truly nourish the mind and soul.

Sure, we all have our favorites, but it never hurts to broaden your mind and spend some time thinking about new, meaningful words. Here, we’ll give you 7 unforgettable quotes about love.

1. Always be yourself

Because dynamics like that are absolutely destructive in the long-term.. Let’s stay away from them. Remember that nothing enriches us more as human beings than love, loving our partner, our family and friends…


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3. Love makes us feel alive

Often, we lose our way. We let ourselves be carried away by life and prioritize what doesn’t really offer us happiness. The pressures, the worries, the work, the need to accumulate more things… what is the point of all this?

4. We have a good time together

 Nothing is so important in a relationship as laughing together, having good times together. It’s really all about those times when we enjoy everything and worry about nothing. Whether in friendship or love, it’s all about understanding each other while endowing life with an exciting, fun melody.

5. Love with knowledge

Sometimes in love, we let ourselves go and we fall, no parachute or any protection. We build relationships where we love with our eyes closed and our hearts open, giving everything, without limits, without hesitation…

While it’s true that in terms of affection sometimes we need some spontaneity and courage, this is not incompatible with prudence and adding a little brain to that passionate heart that often rushes into things without thinking.

This is one of those quotes about love that we should always keep in mind. Loving intensely is fabulous, but let’s do it with a few drops of prudence and some good brushstrokes of wisdom.


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6. Love is in the little things

Some people think that love takes great heroic acts and big gestures, all or nothing kinds of things, to show how much we love someone, how much we’re committed to them, and what, in turn, we also hope that the other person will give in return.

But it doesn’t work like that. Authentic love does not feed on grandiose shows. In fact, love is nourished by the little things. Little, everyday details where mutual recognition, attention and authentic affection are written…


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7. A shared commitment

A loving relationship takes action. It means both people investing effort in the same direction. It means being a team and not a wrestling competition where one always wins and the other yields…

Love is created in the present and requires that we commit ourselves to looking in the same direction, believing in the relationship, trusting, overcoming challenges, overcoming obstacles together but feeling like we are also one.

To conclude, we hope these quotes about love have made you think a little. Let’s not forget them.

They’re not limited to romantic relationships, either. Friendship and even relationships with our family need these little drops of wisdom too.


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