5 Charlie Chaplin phrases to apply to your life

5 Charlie Chaplin phrases to apply to your life

Last update: 27 April, 2020

There are some fabulous people who have left their mark on the earth. Charlie Chaplin was one of those people. He marveled everyone he met with his humor and his world view. When we speak of a silent film actor, or better said “the silent film actor,” we recognize Charlie as one of the best. He reached world fame with his charismatic humor. He conquered the hearts of spectators, and he won several awards.

Now, although Chaplin‘s world lacked sound, he still left us with witty phrases that serve as inspiration to us today. Here we show you some of Chaplin’s best phrases to apply to our lives.

Never forget to smile: a day without smiling is a day lost

This Chaplin phrase serves as a reminder to carry optimism wherever we go. Said differently, face life in a positive manner. We should focus our thoughts and feelings on what we enjoy most about life.

Smiling not only makes us feel better, but it makes others feel better too. We could say that smiling is an important part of joy. If we don’t smile, we’re missing out on joy.


I am what I am: a unique and different man

This Chaplin phrase can pose a great challenge to us. There’s no question that we’re all different, unique people. Those differences are the best things about us. We should contribute our unique talents and interests to make the world a better place for others.

Being unique makes us authentic, which leads us to:

  • Feeling better about ourselves.
  • Having confidence in ourselves.
  • Making better and faster decisions.
  • Being less vulnerable.

Life is wonderful if you’re not afraid

Sometimes fear seizes us, and worse, can even stain the way we see the world. Fear makes us feel vulnerable and incapable.

Now, remember, that to some extent we’re the ones who allow fear to exist. Put another way, fear survives only because we feed it. How? For example, when we’re faced with fear we can either face it or run away. If we run away, we feed the fear. If we face the fear, we extinguish it. We always have the power.

It’s not an easy task to take the power away from our emotions, but it is possible. Hundreds of people every day are able to take their lives back from fear. If you’re struggling with this, a professional can help you greatly.

To really laugh you must be able to recognize your pain and play with it

There are many situations that lead us to such anguish that we feel as if we can’t take it anymore. These painful times can make us lose our heart and leave us with little desire to carry on. When these painful times appear, it’s important to go one step beyond pain and suffering. We should explore the beauty that remains in our life regardless of what difficulties we’re experiencing.

If we don’t do this, it’s easy for our eyes to become clouded by pessimism. Pessimism would transform challenges into threats. In order to avoid this, Chaplin tells us to play with our pain. By playing with our pain we become its master and use it to our advantage. Pain is simply a thing that makes us stronger. Thus, if we see pain from this angle, its power to limit us will decrease dramatically.

chaplin pain triumph

Without absolute self-confidence, we are destined to fail

As Charlie Chaplin said, self-confidence is fundamental to our development. Without self-confidence we become insecure and afraid that we may not meet the goals we set for ourselves. Trusting in ourselves will help us to:

  • Know ourselves. We learn from ourselves. We learn about what we like and what we want to do with our lives.
  • Love ourselves. Through trust we realize how much we’re worth.
  • Make decisions. When we believe that we’re capable of achieving whatever we put our minds to, we stop fearing the unknown and make decisions.
  • Have a better quality of life. When we’re self-confident we feel calmer because we always act in accordance with who we are at our core.
  • Take on challenges. Self-confidence allows us to feel safe when we take action.

Smiling is key, and creativity and confidence are the most important tools to facing everyday problems. Dare to face pain with humor and to smile everyday. These suggestions are wonderful ways to make life easier and lessen our suffering.

We hope that you have enjoyed this selection of Charlie Chaplin quotes!

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