4 Things We Learn Before Birth

4 Things We Learn Before Birth

Last update: 27 December, 2016

When we are adults, and even when we are children, we do not remember anything that we experienced before being born. However, in our mother’s womb, we already felt, heard, and perceived what was happening around us through our senses. The problem is that we do not remember it. Despite this fact, these months are very important for our future development and we learn a lot.

What is experienced in our mother’s belly conditions our entire life from infancy to adulthood.

Do you believe that nothing is learned before birth? Do you think we come into the world unaware of what there is in it? Nothing could be further from the truth, for in our mother’s womb, we are already learning many things! Today you will discover 4 things that we learn before birth and that you did not know!

1. We learn the tone of voice of those around us

Above all else, our mother’s tone, for she is the one whom we always have close to us and that we hear speaking. From inside the womb, we recognize the tone of her voice perfectly. Our mother’s voice soothes us, makes us feel safe and protected.

Child Listening to Mother's Belly

This is why it is recommended for mothers to speak to their babies, even when they are inside their bellies. In fact, you have surely witnessed this scene at some point in your life, for many mothers do it spontaneously without being aware of its real effect. This is positive, both for her and for her child. Without meaning to, they are establishing an emotional mother-child connection.

2. We learn the sounds that surround us

Not only are we capable of recognizing the voice of our mother and the voices of the people who are normally around her, but we are also capable of learning the sounds that surround us. With this, we learn to perceive the music that the people close to us listen to, even the series or movies that they may watch.

Baby in Womb

With all of this, it is not unusual for a newborn to be calmed listening to a certain kind of music or to be interested in the sound of a series on television. Sometimes, it may seem strange to us, but within the maternal womb, we are already assimilating those sounds as something natural. In this way, we internalize them, feeling pleased each time we hear them again.

3. We know the smell of our mother

In some way, newborns are capable of recognizing the scent of their own mother. This is why when they are born, they always prefer things that are impregnated with the scent of their mother or being close to their mother. When a stranger or someone whose scent they cannot identify holds them, the baby cries. Are you familiar with this situation?

Pregnant Woman Heart with Hands

Scent is also very strongly linked to taste. It is normal for the food that the mother eats to be eaten with an equal pleasure by the child. In some way, babies inside the maternal womb learn what things they can safely eat, for, let us not forget, it is in the belly that they recognize what is safe for them and what is not. Fetuses prefer the flavors of the food that their mother has eaten.

4. Touch is also very important

Do you rub your belly during pregnancy? Do you speak to your baby while you are playing with it, even inside the womb? These actions predispose your baby to having a closeness to the world of caresses and affection in general. What’s more, babies know and perceive the affection that they are receiving from the outside world.

There is a study recently published by Plos One that confirms this lesson even within the maternal womb. According to this study, babies responded to the caresses of their mother by touching their thorax in a similar way to how their mother was doing it. The researchers determined that this was a way, an attempt, to communicate with their mother.

What do you think about this lesson before birth? Babies are not born educated, this much is certain, but through their senses, they are capable of knowing where there is safety and trust that their mother and the people around them can give.

Pregnant Belly and Teddy Bear

It is marvelous to think how we can assimilate all the music, voices, or circumstances that present themselves on the outside and that, later, we are going to identify unconsciously as we go on growing. It is fantastic to discover this and even more fantastic is knowing the importance of what our baby can learn, even when they are in their mother’s tummy.

“The maternal womb is as valid a place as any other to learn”

-Adrián Triglia-

The connection that a mother is going to have with her child is something very special, something that cannot be broken and that starts forming when the baby is still inside its mother’s belly. It is something special, something very beautiful. Your baby is already going to learn things long before it is born. Was this a new discovery for you?

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