You Deserve Someone Who Truly Loves You

Sometimes, people throw themselves into love without stopping to assess their own worth and what they deserve. Read all about this in this article!
You Deserve Someone Who Truly Loves You

Last update: 13 August, 2019

Sometimes you devote yourself to loving someone without stopping to get to know yourself, to value yourself, and to learn to love yourself. The problem is that when you don’t love yourself or know yourself, the relationships you have with others won’t be totally authentic. Sometimes, you even build relationships that aren’t good for you. Instead, you should be with someone who truly loves you.

That’s why knowing yourself is essential. It helps you enjoy well-being and it can even be a sustaining force for healthy relationships. It allows you to decide what’s good for you, what’s in your best interest, and what enriches your life. At the same time, it allows you to identify situations or people you need to be more careful with.

One fundamental rule for being happy around others is to first be happy with yourself. That being said, don’t forget that even though you deserve someone who truly loves you, you need to experience that love yourself first.

So you want to go on the adventure of love and enjoy it fully and mutually with someone. Well, you’ll have to start the journey by finding out who you are so that you’ll learn how to love and respect yourself. Only then will you be able to start reflecting on what you really want in a relationship. Just remember not to forget one very important thing: you have to be willing to give the same love and respect that you want to get from somebody else.

“We accept the love we think we deserve.”

-Stephen Chbosky-

Someone who truly loves you will be affectionate with you.

You deserve someone who truly loves you

“You deserve someone who looks you in the eyes when you talk.

You deserve someone who doesn’t get tired of kissing you.

You deserve someone who thinks of you when you’re sleeping.

You deserve someone who hugs you when you’re sad.

You deserve someone who makes you laugh and not cry.

You deserve every gesture, every look, every smile of affection.

You deserve all the love you’re capable of giving.

You’ve earned it with each gesture, each look, each smile of affection that you’ve given.

You’ve earned it because of your patience, your bravery to dream, and your strength even when you’re disappointed.

You’ve earned it for being who you are, just for being you.”

-Jokebec Vergara-

The previous poem titled “You Deserve Someone Who Truly Loves You” is a representation of what you deserve in a relationship.

Don’t forget that everyone is different and, as such, everyone needs to be treated a little differently in order to have a happy relationship. That’s why it’s very important to love your partner just as they need to be loved. Likewise, you have to teach them to love you as you need to be loved. For that, acceptance is key.

Something that practically everyone needs and wants, though, is to feel that your partner is affectionate towards you, respects you, and feels love for you. That’s a tangible type of love. That love that you can see with actions and not one that gets lost in empty words.

“Love is like the wind, you can’t see it but you can feel it.”

-Nicholas Sparks-

When you find someone who truly loves you they will be like a light in your life.

The right one: Someone who’ll truly love you

So how do we know who’s the “right one?” It’s not easy to answer that question. Life is full of ups and downs, disappointments, and moments of joy as well as moments of suffering. In fact, throughout your life, you’ll get to know a lot of people. But who’s the person who’s really right for you?

In general, the right person is that being who’s willing and able to offer you the love you deserve and want. They might find you when you’re ready to give and receive that love. Although it’s true that there are cases in which someone teaches another person to discover and love themselves.

You could say the most important thing beyond love itself is to be willing to walk together. Building the relationship, tending to the garden that you create on the foundation of love. This isn’t a path you walk with your feet. Instead, you do it with your heart, together with daily effort and caring.

Someone who truly loves you will challenge you

The right person will try to challenge you day by day to be a better person. They’ll try to get you to face your fears and take on risks. This person will accept you as you are. That includes the light inside you but also the shadow. They’ll support you, take care of you, and, best of all, grow together with you, although they may have to do it at their own pace.

Both of you need to be willing to find love. But beyond that, you have to be able to be happy on your own to be able to enjoy a fulfilled life without the need of a partner. If you have all that, then your desire to share your lives together can easily become a reality.

Aside from that, the love that you deserve, that close love that makes you grow and evolve as a person, can have a positive effect on others. One way or another, it can be an example that can help others believe in true love. And that’s a really wonderful thing.

As such, you should discover yourself and love yourself. Only then can you do the same with someone else. There’s nothing more beautiful than cultivating respectful affective bonds.

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