I Will Give You Wings

I Will Give You Wings

Last update: 24 May, 2016

If you’ve ever loved someone, you know that there are times in which you must let goto give that person wings and let them fly where they want to go. Or maybe there’s been a time when you had to let the person fly so that they could be themselves, so that they could discover and explore the world that turns around them.

We should really feel proud of ourselves for letting go of a person we really love, or letting them be themselves unconditionally, because love is not ownership, it’s much more; it’s respecting, helping, collaborating, and wanting the best for the other person even though we want to keep them by our side.

“Feet, why should I want you if I have wings to fly?”

-Frida Kahlo-

Learning to let go

The main thing that gets in the way of letting go of someone we love is our own ego. We think about ourselves and how we’ll feel when that person leaves, not about how that person will feel if they don’t fly to wherever they want to go.

Letting go is something that we should learn to do now and then. Because throughout our lives there will be many times when we should let go, even though it hurts, even though our heart begs us not to do it. But that doesn’t matter; we should ask our souls what would be best for the other person, letting go of them or holding them back for a selfish reason?

Learning to let go of someone has a lot to do with self-esteem. If we know how to enjoy being alone, we’ll have our own spaces, interests, and friends, and above all, if we really love the other person, we’ll not only be letting them go, but also giving them wings.

girl with heart wings

How to free yourself from your ego so you can let go

We’re often dominated by our ego. It doesn’t let us think about anyone but ourselves. But it’s time to change and think about others, to let them go and help them grow wings if necessary. Below, we provide three pieces of advice to help you free yourself from your ego:

Don’t try to be right

So many people don’t listen when they’re being talked to; they only focus on being right without considering other people’s opinions, and even sometimes without letting them speak. But you should set yourself apart. Don’t insist on being right, because many situations can be seen from very different perspectives in which everyone can be right. Be tolerant and empathetic, and simply listen.

“A man never knows what he’s capable of until he tries.”

-Charles Dickens-

Free yourself from always wanting more

The ego always demands more: more attention, more money, more love, more time, more material things. But we have to work to end this hunger for possessions and ask ourselves: what do I really need?

Because there are many things, that we really don’t need, and there are times when that happens to us with people. We try to hold them back when we really should be letting them fly and helping them find their path.

Don’t identify yourself by your achievements

Sometimes, we get obsessed with being successful, without asking ourselves what success actually is. Our achievements are not ourselves. Don’t cling to your achievements, just continue on your path. Success is not money or power, it’s being surrounded by people who love us and enjoying the intimacy we have with them.

If you love someone, you’ll understand that having them by your side is not an achievement, because people aren’t possessions. It would be an achievement to make that person happy.

Let the people you love spread their wings

flying umbrellas

If someone you love has a dream, give them the wings they need to make this dream a reality, even if living the dream means that they have to move away from you. It’s not about you, it’s about the other person’s happiness.

It’s complicated, and it’ll probably cause you pain, but with time you’ll realize that you’ve grown and you’ve learned to see through the eyes of the person you love and show them how much you love them by giving them wings to fly.

“What worlds do I have within my soul that have made me ask for ways to fly?”

-Alfonsina Storni-


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