The Wanderer’s Ten Commandments: A Book For Being Yourself

The Wanderer’s Ten Commandments: A Book For Being Yourself

Last update: 22 May, 2016

The Wanderer’s Ten Commandments (Spanish: El decálogo del Caminante) is one of the most inspiring books that has ever been born of a Spanish pen.

Its author is Manuel Pimental, former Minister of Labor who left the position because he did not agree with the politics of his government, and an true guru of human relationships.

In his book, Pimentel captured ten beautiful commandments that invite human beings to be themselves, follow their dreams and desires and always look for a way to go beyond themselves to live life in all its profoundness while also finding that much-desired happiness.

“You are not on this path alone. Your happiness is also found in that of others. What you give, you receive.”

-Manuel Pimentel-

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The Wanderer’s Ten Commandments

Below, we are going to delve into the lessons of Manuel Pimentel’s fantastic book, The Wanderer’s Ten Commandments . These are ten ideas that can make your life happier and more fulfilling…

  • First: The Wanderer’s Ten Commandments invites us to have dreams, ideals, and goals. They will be the things that point out our destiny and give a raison d’être to the efforts we have made in search of each of our individual life paths.
  • Second: It is important to set achievable goals; otherwise, we will find ourselves being crushed by them, and they could turn into a frustration-filled martyrdom. On the other hand, they must also not be too short, for this can allow us to settle and become bored.
  • Third: Do not allow happiness to show up only when you have made your goals a reality. You have to enjoy each step, taking advantage of each detail that you find day by day.
  • Fourth: Once you achieve a goal, do not stop: look for another one. A life without projects has nothing to strive towards. Always look for other challenges that can give meaning to your life.
  • Fifth: Stay well grounded in reality, but trust your talent and let yourself be carried by your dreams. Haste is not a good advisor; you can only overcome stumbling stones step by step. Keep looking towards the hopeful horizon and your path will stay firm and clear. Furthermore, it is important not to take shortcuts. Follow your path with assurance in what you are doing.
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  • Sixth: Another beautiful lesson that we learn in The Wanderer’s Ten Commandments is related to the big picture. Your path must integrate the hard times with the happy. Do not isolate the bad experiences or remain immobile within them. Create your own sea with everything that you have experienced and learn from the past so that your future will be more hopeful.
  • Seventh: If you run into another wanderer, he will recognize in you everything that you are projecting. Maybe you think that you are one way, but they will recognize your true nature through your actions and behaviors. Stop making excuses and take responsibility for the way that you proceed through life.
  • Eighth: Be coherent. Your person and your personality must always be united so that you may feel better. Otherwise, the path will be much more arduous and difficult.
  • Ninth: Your actions are the ones who will write your life’s work. Your personality and you are one and the same. That said, evolve according to your ideals and dreams and let the protagonist of your existence be the one who is always there, steady in the background.
  • Tenth: Remember at all times that you are not going down this path alone. Along the tracks and trails, you will encounter other people who, like you, are following their path in search of their dreams and ideals. Be generous and help others. Also allow them to lend you a helping hand.

Ten Commandments for life

Manuel Pimentel wanted to capture in his work ten commandments for life. With his work, he sought to set standards that he felt would make others’ existence a more fulfilling and happier path. He set out principles for a marvelous way of being oneself in the face of adversity, but also in times of joy.

“Ten simple commandments for a complicated path of roses and thorns. The one for your own life”

-Manuel Pimentel-

If you find yourself lost in life, you do not know what path to take or in which direction to go, do not forget to read The Wanderer’s Ten Commandments by Manuel Pimentel.

Find your dreams’ route and follow it, enjoying each step along the path that you have to follow until you achieve your deepest goals.

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