One Always Comes Back to the Old Places Where They Loved Life

One Always Comes Back to the Old Places Where They Loved Life

Last update: 10 January, 2017

One always comes back to the old places where they loved life. However, in the song City Fish by Joaquin Sabina you hear the phrase: “To the place where you were happy you should not try to return.” So where do we put our compass?

Sabina isn’t wrong. Perhaps if you return to those places that have marked your life you will no longer be able to see them the same way. You will go back with a blindfold of infatuation. You’ll see buildings the way they are, structures of various materials that host tourists and locals, but they no longer seem like the actors that were purposely put in your way to co-star your own story.

Their scents will no longer appear to be accomplices of light that house your feelings. Not being complicit every time you walk through the most beautiful season of life for which you have to spend, but also leaving. It seems that everything is much more beautiful when it has an end.

“Impossible love cannot grow, transform, or be modified … therefore, it can never die.”

-The Bridges of Madison County-

Either in person or imagination, one always returns

There are stories that have a right path in your life and it is right and necessary. If you insist that it last longer, they will no longer keep you warm on nights of frigid cries and anguish, as their mantle of sweetness is held in its open end with mysteries. Sometimes you have to save fantasies of love as a treasure, because that feeling was never quite in time. It might have been authentic your whole life by being unfinished.

legs with boots filled with flowers

 One always comes back to the old places where they loved life, even in imagination … in order to feel the sense of their heartbeat and innocence by breathing in their chest

One always comes back to the old places where they loved life, even to those places in the imagination. By biting our tears at any unexpected reminder. One always returns to where they were in love because they want to return to knowing what it feels like. One always returns to get their hopes up about something to show that they would be able to do it.

One always returns to cry

A person returns to the old places where they loved life sometimes only to regret having missed their chance. They go back with sadness. But with more passion than ever because despite everything, the flame continues to burn.


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 “I’ll only say this once. I’ve never said it before, but this kind of certainty comes only once in a lifetime. “

-The Bridges of Madison County-

One always returns to show loyalty

One always comes back to that place that was unique. With very similar people, feelings and events, the way that it reached their heart was never the same. Sometimes we need to compress our whole existence into a short time.

This way of acting freely, anarchic, unpredictable, rebellious and passionate is a gift that you were given by that place because you loved the way it made you feel. It is not a relationship where someone loses: both picked up a little magic from the other to shine more. This place shines more after knowing that you have stayed faithful. It’s a secret between the two of you which does not imprison you; it sets you free.

One returns to the place where they loved life to be brave

One always comes back to the old places where they loved life to be brave and to heal wounds. One returns to those places because a moment of fulfillment there is worth thousands that occurred anywhere else. Because the days are not happy, the days make sense and are full of an authentic happiness.

One returns to be brave because they are aware that one day they could avoid living in that place they loved, but are not willing to leave it to thank it, feel it and try it again.


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