Inner and Outer Beauty are Inseparable

Loving yourself beautifies yourself because you reflect self-love, serenity, and happiness. This is contagious. In this article, you can discover how inner and outer beauty are related.
Inner and Outer Beauty are Inseparable
Elena Sanz

Written and verified by the psychologist Elena Sanz.

Last update: 20 October, 2022

Beauty is a highly subjective quality. Although there are certain aesthetic canons that tend to dictate what’s socially desirable, they’re certainly not decisive. After all, how many times have you been attracted to a person who didn’t conform to those patterns? How many times have you fallen in love with someone’s charisma, attitude, or personality? As a matter of fact, it seems that inner and outer beauty are more closely related than it appears. That’s what we talk about in this article.

Today, the media, social networks, and fashion firms have established a kind of body cult that lead us to frantically search for ways to improve our appearance. Creams, surgeries, photographic retouching, diets, strenuous exercises… However, we have a tendency to neglect our interior. In fact, it seems we don’t realize that a large part of our beauty lies inside us, as well as our feelings of well-being.

Nothing tends to be written about taste. Nevertheless, there’s an inescapable reality that’s been proven in various investigations over time. This is the fact that self-confidence is one of the qualities considered most attractive by both sexes. In other words, the kinds of people who love, accept, and show themselves in an authentic and genuine way.

These individuals stand out for their positive and open demeanor, good social skills, and great charisma. Furthermore, they don’t waste their energy trying to disguise themselves, exaggerate, or pretend to be who they aren’t. Neither do they go out of their way to get external approval. In fact, they limit themselves to simply being themselves, with the conviction that they’re enough. This is reflected in both their non-verbal and verbal language.

Their gestures, postures, and movements convey confidence and their conversations are usually rich and varied. Indeed, it seems that people who love themselves have dedicated a lot of time exploring, getting to know, and developing themselves. Hence, they’ve become interesting human beings with a great deal to contribute.

Whilst a pretty face or athletic body can sometimes act as a good introduction, their effect is short-lived. Because, in the long run, we’re attracted to friendly, positive people with a good sense of humor and interesting conversation. For this reason, neither vanity, insecurity, narcissism, nor subservience prove to be good allies in the long run.

Loving yourself beautifies you

In addition to the aforementioned, there’s another key point that works in favor of those who’ve developed a solid self-esteem. It’s the fact that those who love themselves also take care of themselves. In other words, they take the necessary decisions and actions to guarantee their own physical and emotional well-being.

As a matter of fact, inner and outer beauty are related in such a way that the former is reflected in the latter. Self-care implies choosing food well with which you nourish your body, staying active and clean, taking care of your skin, and choosing clothes that suit you and make you feel comfortable.

In fact, just as a dirty or cluttered environment can be indicative of chaos and mental disorganization, a neglected appearance generally also reflects emotional difficulties. Therefore, when you heal, work on, and prioritize yourself, this is also manifested in your external image.

Work on your self-esteem to look good and feel better

Remember that inner and outer beauty can’t be separated and that self-esteem is the key to bringing out your best version. Therefore, stop worrying about what others expect of you, how you should see yourself, or the way you should act to be loved and recognized, and start loving and recognizing yourself.

Speak to yourself with love and respect, carefully select the people you mix with, and work on your goals and purposes to design the life you want to live. There’s no person more beautiful than a happy, genuine, and peaceful person. There’s no one more attractive than those who accept themselves and aren’t afraid to show themselves as they really are.

Loving yourself beautifies yourself because self-love permeates your words, gestures, and attitudes. In this way, you transmit serenity and optimism and these qualities are perceived by others from the moment they first see you. Love yourself because you’re the most important person in your life. However, if you don’t know where to start, don’t hesitate to seek professional help. Your emotions, your relationships, and even your appearance will be transformed when you recognize your own brilliance.


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